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TTAC's Long-Term Test 2015 Honda Fit: The Bell Tolls at 7,987 Miles

Ronnie's crashed Honda Fit, Image: ? 2016 Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars

It’s been a stressful few weeks, however when I remember my children and grandchildren are healthy, everything else is?gravy.

TTAC’s long-term test of the 2015 Honda Fit EX found a sudden halt from 7,987 miles just after I began?a left turn through three lanes of ceased traffic south of a red light on?Groesbeck, a significant road in Macomb County on the east aspect of?Detroit.

I was going to the music store, however couldn’t remember wherever it was, which arrived me traveling in the incorrect direction on Groesbeck. To effect a U-turn, I pulled into the left turn lane of the seven-lane highway to turn into a few business frontage.

Perhaps I depended too much on the motorcyclist who stopped to allow me turn as well as waved me through, or maybe the guy driving an Econoline 250 for a marine engine repair shop was going so fast within the curb lane that he wasn’t there after i checked, but he was certainly there once the nose of my personal Fit poked into which lane. The truck ripped off the plastic structures of the Honda. When metal hit metal, the Fit’s fender support tore a wide gash the length of?the Econoline’s flank, ultimately chewing a chunk out of it’s rear tire.

At very first I didn’t think it was a serious accident, but there was a strong odor, the airbag in the steering wheel had gone away, and something was obviously shoved into the engine and making an oscillating noise. When i pulled into the front yard and tried to collect my wits, a pleasant lady working for Ford asked me, via the Hondalink equipped infotainment system, if I was okay and if I desired her to call for emergency services.

Ronnie's crashed Honda Fit front-end close-up, Image: ? 2016 Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars

The impact didn’t seem?which severe. I don’capital t think the mindset of the car on the highway even changed from the collision, and I wasn’t seriously injured. I had an abrasion on my left hand and wrist from the airbag, or maybe it was a small burn from the propellant, and that i later noticed a few lower back pain, but I have a bad back and it could have been unrelated to the accident. The other driver said he had been uninjured.

A couple of police officers through Fraser responded, as did a Macomb County sheriff’s deputy. I called Bbb, the?insurer?for the car.

The Fit?had been financed through a promissory be aware with?The Bank of Mom and to safeguard her assets it had been titled in her title and insured under her policy in the Automobile Club, where she’s been a member and paying for full collision coverage for decades. I believe that she’s insured her cars from AAA since the Sixties, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her total premiums paid reach into six numbers. AAA has made a lot of money doing business with our family.

I’ng been driving in excess of 40 years, but this was only the second time I’deb seriously wrecked a car. I submarined a minivan ceased at a light (additionally on Groesbeck, maybe I should stay on my side of town) a few years back, which required about $2,500 price of work on my aged?Saturn. Immediately after the incident, looking at the Fit, I believed the damages could be about double which. The headlights and radiator needed to be replaced, but there didn’capital t appear to be any structural damage other than the actual bumper support. The hood was crunched and both fenders were a bit askew.

The cops called for a wrecker, in whose driver first packed the Econoline onto the flatbed and then hooked body up to his lift behind the bed. At the tow yard, I retrieved a few items from the car I’d bought during?my?interrupted shopping trip and waited for a ride from my son.

Ronnie's crashed Honda Fit front, Image: ? 2016 Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars

I was?cited for failure to yield right associated with way, but it will likely be dismissed because the other guy isn’t prone to show up at my courtroom date. To add insult to injury, the City of Fraser sent me a bill for $18.Thirty for non-resident emergency services. Essentially, they charged me for the duration of the cop that issued me a ticket. The notice said that they charge 12% interest per year. I plan on having to pay exactly $17.31 of that and leaving Ninety nine cents on the account. By the time 12% on that $0.Ninety nine adds up to anything significant, the administrative costs of carrying that accounts and sending me regular bills will likely?eat up that $18.30 — and I’ll make sure to let the folks running Fraser know that.

Yeah, my old shrink called me a “counter-puncher.” Oh well.

Ronnie's crashed Honda Fit with completely straight passenger cell, Image: ? 2016 Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars

When I informed Mark Stevenson, my employer here at TTAC, that I wrecked the Fit, his reaction was “That will make an awesome article.” Thanks, Mark. My life is not total without embarrassing myself in front of two million month-to-month pageviews.

Actually, I had already prepared on writing about it. When I cleaned out the vehicle, I brought along my 3D rig to record the wreckage for posterity. In recent years, Honda offers promoted its utilization of what it calls Advanced Compatibility Engineering (_ design) body design. ACE was introduced regarding 10 years ago and is intended to absorb collision energy in a way that simply leaves the passenger mobile unaffected, and the additional vehicle less broken. It?uses 4 different grades associated with steel in the unibody — mild steel, high strength steel, sophisticated high strength steel, and ultra higher strength steel — to keep things powerful?where they need to be firm?and soft exactly where they need to crush. The most recent development in the ACE architecture is uniquely tempering different sections of the hot-stamped high strength steel parts. That allows those sections to be softer, reducing the number of parts and weight.

Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body architecture in the 2016 Civic., Image: Honda

Though I said that the impact wasn’capital t severe, that was the subjective characterization. Fairly, the collision had been severe enough to bend frame people and total the vehicle. Walking around the damaged Fit, I examined the panel spaces on the doors. Apart from the deployed airbag, in the cowl and A pillar back, the car was at perfect shape. So far as I can tell, ACE works. My Fit was totaled, but I’m okay. I’ll gladly eat that gravy.

It is effective enough that I’m going to keep a record from the Fit’s VIN, because with just 8,000 kilometers on the drivetrain and a mostly intact body, I’m almost certain it will likely be back on the road having a salvage title.

I’lmost all report on TTAC’s long-term 2015 Honda Fit Former mate 6MT test, the remix, once I get back from Tx.

[Images: ? 2016 Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars, Honda]

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