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The Volkswagen Beetle Will be Missed by People Who Weren't Planning on Buying One

2015 Volkswagen Beetle Exterior-008

Will there be a Eco-friendly Mile edition?

The slow-selling Volkswagen Beetle is living on lent time, if a tweet by industry insider Autoline?can be believed, however aside from nostalgia, why should the world mourn an automobile that few buyers want?

In the wake of the disruptive and wildly expensive?diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen requirements sales in a big way, and they’re not getting all of them from the Beetle. Seven months out from the diesel revelations, Volkswagen’s sales are still dropping, and the Beetle’utes popularity with buyers has all the power of, well, an original Beetle engine.

Once well-liked by the types of people who would explain?how the world is supposed to work on Sesame Street, the Beetle saw its production peak in the early Seventies. Like Linda Lovelace’s career, it was all downhill from there.

The diminutive Bug represented an automotive ideal born of unhappier times, but that ideal no longer resonates.

At 22,667 units, last year’s Ough.S. Beetle sales?had been half of what they had been when the previous New Beetle still had some whimsical clout within 2003. In fact, they were almost half of 2013 sales.

In Australia, where life’s a beach every damn day, the actual Beetle was put down as an injured wallaby after selling just 240 models last year.

No one wants to see a storied nameplate fade into the background books, but the “new” Beetle is actually cursed with a retro style that shuns design improvements, and buyers can’t be blamed with regard to wanting something that appears new and fresh.

So, if the model does get wiped out at the end of 2018, buyers may shed a tear for the cute car their elementary college teacher once drove, right before actually considering putting money down around the compact crossovers and three-row SUV that will actually conserve the company.

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