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Piston Slap: Tapping and Clicking Fuel Injectors?


Walt writes:


I wrote to you five years ago in regards to a frozen Ranger parking brake, and later on about the incredibly dumb concept of purchasing a vintage Ford mustang with a loan. Thankfully, the former resolved itself, and the latter continued to be a pipe dream.?Things i did do, nevertheless, was buy a ’14 Mustang GT with a?5.0-liter Coyote V8 and six-speed guide. It now has about 9,800 kilometers.

At around 3,Thousand miles it created a clicking noise at idle, audible using the driver side windowpane rolled down and a curb or jacket barrier to bounce the sound back at me. The regularity of this click raises with engine revs. Existence of this issue with the 5.0-liter Coyote is well documented on F-150 and Mustang forums alike.

Theories range from “don’capital t worry about it,” to noisy fuel injectors, to normalcy operation of the adjustable valve timing program, or camshaft problems.

I haven’capital t noted any power loss or extra?malfunctions, just the click on. The only thing I have seen is oil consumption; about 3/4 of a quart during the last 5,000 kilometers or so. With discussion board posts that report anything from zero oil usage to rates much like my own, I don’capital t know what to make from it.

There doesn’t?seem to be any technical service bulletins for such a issue. I am somewhat hesitant to take it in for unnecessary diagnostics and tear-downs if it’s a non-issue. However, if it truly is a ticking period bomb, I want to look after it while the guarantee is still in effect.

I would appreciate any information you or the Best and Brightest may have to offer.

Sajeev answers:

Yeah, my 2011 Ford Ranger makes that fuel injector clicking on sound too.?It comes from the disc design (?) of newer gas injectors, combined with the fact that?computers?normally dump extra fuel to keep a chilly motor running. It’s the only logical cause I’ve seen for this phenomena, as it does cover a variety of makes and models more than?the last decade-ish.

I reckon you can disconnect a fuel injector when idling to see if the sound changes. It won’capital t hurt anything, because the?old school EFI cylinder stability test?has done this for years.

Speaking of old school, I was worried my 1988 Mercury Cougar would start that late-model tick?following ditching the old?pintle injectors for the discs (?) from a 04 Mustang GT. Fortunately, they are silent – or perhaps?Sanjeev got lucky after getting an old Cougar intoxicated late one night?


(BTW, this is what happens when you can’t find your roll of painter’s tape.)

[Images: Ford, ? 2016 Sajeev Mehta/The Reality About Cars]

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