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Open-Minded Sergio Willing to Stick With Tech Partner; Could Play the Field, Though


Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne can see an attractive future with companion Google, but there’utes plenty of fish in the sea, you know.

Speaking in Windsor, Ontario, where Chrysler Pacifica minivan manufacturing recently kicked off, Marchionne called FCA’s Google fling the “first phase” of their relationship, but confesses to wanting to maintain his options open up, Automotive News reviews.

After desperately seeking a partner for ages, FCA just tattooed a deal with technology giant Google to jointly create and test a number of 100 Pacificas outfitted with autonomous driving technologies.

After a successful first date, where do the two companies go from here? “We’ll see,” said Sergio.

Like a perpetual bachelor who dreams of deciding down, only to feel suffocated by the limitations of a commitment, Marchionne’utes eyes remain available to the technology advantages offered by other suitors. Hitching the company’s wagon to a single provider isn’t a good bet for the future, he said.

“I have seen efforts by other people to pre-empt what I consider to be a natural evolution of choices,” Marchionne said. “So making unequivocal bets along with companies who are in that space today and effectively precluding the development with other people is a very dangerous path, at least in our view.”

With almost all automakers now going after autonomous driving technologies (whether their customers demand it or not), established companies find themselves rivaling high-tech startups for supremacy in neuro-scientific innovation. Getting forward in the self-driving field means keeping an open mind and latching onto the latest technology, regardless of where it’utes from.

Marchionne, like a first-year university student, says he’s wide open to trying new things and pushing the actual boundaries.

FCA is “discovering with people who are prepared to explore with us, to allow us into their world, into what which outcome will look like,” he explained.


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