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Nissan Gets a Diesel Emissions Scandal of its Very Own


It’s nowhere near the scale of the Volkswagen debacle, but Nissan is in hot water using the South Korean federal government over dodgy emissions from its diesel SUV.

That country’s environment ministry accuses Machine of using a “defeat device” to disable the emissions controls upon its UK-built?Qashqai SUV, Car News reports.

The device allegedly turns off the vehicle’s exhaust decrease system at regular operating temperatures, a claim the automaker denies.

“Nissan has not and does not employ illegal defeat or cheat devices in any of the cars that we make,” said the actual automaker in a declaration, adding that European Union regulators have cleared the model of any emissions wrongdoing.

The Qashqai is an overseas model related to the Rogue, offered along with gasoline and 1.5 and One.6-liter diesel engines. This came under?scrutiny in the South Korean government after Volkswagen’s diesel-powered shenanigans became public.

A total of 20 diesel-powered models were tested in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal, and the Qashqai’s results raised red flags. The environment ministry leveled a?$279,920 fine at Machine and ordered a recall of the 814 Qashqai vehicles sold in the country.

The car maker has 100 times to dispute the charge, but hasn’t made a decision yet.

Nissan’s bad news day is just the latest in a string of emissions as well as fuel economy-related controversies plaguing car manufacturers around the world. The most recent, Mitsubishi’utes claim that it fudged mileage figures?on Japanese market vehicles because 1991, helped push that company’s share prices so low which Nissan couldn’t not purchase a 34 % controlling stake a week ago.

For now, the Nissan controversy seems restricted in scope, meaning the damage to its status could be fleeting, whether it registers at all.

Speaking in order to Reuters, Japanese auto expert?Koji Endo said, “It’s too early to judge in terms of exactly what the impact on the brand is actually.”

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