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Mercedes-Benz Verdict Puts Neck-Warming Technology on Ice

2017 Mercedes Benz C 63 S Cabriolet driving rear

Sales of scarves are poised to jump in Germany after a court ruled Mercedes-Benz can’t blow upon its customer’s uncovered necks.

A verdict from that country’s Federal Court of Rights just dug a temporary grave for the automaker’s “Airscarf” system, Carscoops reports, stating the German book?Automobilwoche.

The outcome of the automaker’s legal dispute with the company that holds the unique 1996 patent indicates a “stop sale” order for models equipped with the warm air-blowing headrest.

First used in 1998, Airscarf adds luxury and maybe even a bit of romance to all drop-top Benz models, allowing drivers to enjoy open-air driving even after the simply leaves start to turn.

A spokesperson for the company told Carscoops, “We are surprised by the verdict.”

Luckily for Mercedes-Benz, inventor?Ludwig Schatzinger’s patent runs out on Christmas of the year, meaning the automaker can go back to lawfully blowing air upon people the next day.

In the actual meantime, the automaker is being fined one fourth million euros ($283,137) and is ordered to remove any kind of mention of Airscarf from advertising and promotional materials. It also has to compensate?Schatzinger an undisclosed amount for every vehicle sold with the technology.

The verdict doesn’t impact models already sold, and the stop sale on new automobiles applies only within Germany.

Once Dec. 25 rolls around, happy days and warm necks return to Stuttgart.

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