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Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4²: Hummer Holdouts, Your New Vehicle is Here

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x42 (European model shown)

A new status symbol will soon arrive in the Ough.S., and its trip height promises to be as jacked as its price.

After tempting Americans buyers from overseas since last year, the Erina Bay-worthy Mercedes-Benz?G550 4×42 should begin arriving stateside next spring, the car maker announced.

The G550 4×42 is the greatest version of the body-on-frame Sports utility vehicle line that started out as a military vehicle in the early 1970s. Keeping the host G550’s body and body intact, the?4×42 version makes massive gains in ground clearance and track thanks to portal axles.

The setup allows the wheel hub and axle input to be in completely different rooms, with the power transferred to the vehicle’utes 22-inch rims via a group of gears. With the modems riding far below the level of the set axles, the?G550 4×42 boasts a ground clearance of more than Seventeen inches, with a monitor widened by 9 inches in the front and 10 inches within the rear.

That swaggering stance is borrowed from the insane G62 AMG 6×6.

Expect to be able kia 39.4 inches of water when a flash flood hits that gully you were tearing up. Permanent all-wheel drive, 3 locking differentials and an off-road?reduced range?setting ought to help the brute get back up to the Interstate.

Ensuring drivers have the proper motivation to handle the rigors of L.A. traffic?- erm, offroading?– the 416-horsepower 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 and seven-speed automatic carries more than from the plain-jane G550.

Prices haven’t already been announced, but anticipate the?4×42 to comfortably top the $119,Nine hundred entry price of the stock G550.

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