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Long-Term Update: 10 Months In, Our 2015 Honda Odyssey Finally Has A Problem

2015 Honda Odyssey EX

8,000 trouble-free miles led to early April when our 2015 Honda Odyssey EX began squeaking, squawking, and groaning.

An intermittent rattle in the glovebox this was not. The noise was growing worse each day. Sounding like a bending structure when turning out to be an uneven parking area entry, like a handful of golf balls bouncing about together when crossing a rougher section of road at really low speed, and just like a dying crow in virtually every other circumstance, our Odyssey went through refined to cacophonous in a matter of days.

All blame was laid at the feet of our minivan’s power sliding doors, large apparatuses responsible for shuttering two vast orifices in the sides of the 17-foot-long pod that?lacks the inherent structural stiffness of a traditional three-box saloon vehicle.

We all know the issue with taking your vehicle towards the dealer to grumble about a noise. Formerly distinct, easily located, and consistent, the actual rattle or squeak or scrunch is silenced when the service technician who usually swaps tires can’t hear anything.

But I was certain that wouldn’t happen in this case. In fact, We knew the sounds would be more prevalent in the dealer’s parking lot of computer would be on a proper test drive, where the greater speeds of freeway driving mask the sound and the kind of road imperfections that amplify the sound aren’t common.

Two personnel at the dealer exactly where I dropped off the Odyssey, Portland Road Honda in Dartmouth, Quebec, are responsible for sound checks. On board with me and only half a lap of the store later, the creaking and moaning was abundantly apparent to the first specialist, and I was returned home to await a fix.

(Full Disclosure: I had been very briefly a sales consultant from Portland Street Ford in 2003. The dealership has long since been under different ownership and turnover offers largely removed many employees from those years, none of whom We knew particularly well to begin with. I’m not sure a single person at the dealer actually knows this, though some are aware of my current profession. The Odyssey was acquired through?Centennial Honda in Summerside, Knight in shining armor Edward Island, in which the owners are individual friends.)

Both rear sliding doors were oiled, but the second technician’s try out around the store suggested the remedy was not sufficient. Both rear door sliding strikers had been adjusted. Again, the actual noise was still prevalent. More lubrication had been added to the rollers all around both slipping doors, and the noise was gone. Offered to choose a test drive with the technician to confirm the absence of the noise, it was apparent from the first manhole cover we traversed that this was the van We remembered so fondly. It also made clear which prior to the dealer visit the noise was worse than we recognized – we had merely adapted. It had been age groups since the Odyssey was this quiet.

The service experience was notable for a few reasons. Very first, the issue was solved quickly. Second, the amount to which I was asked to return for warranty repair on the paint rollers if the noise returned or for any other noise that caused annoyance was a pleasant shock. Both the technician and the service advisor insisted that they want individuals to return to the dealer whenever niggling issues have the possibility to create festering resentment. If the dealer can fix the problem quickly, you’re to being happy with your vehicle. But if left in order to rattle, you enjoy your vehicle less and less and perhaps consider another automaker once the time for replacement arrives.

2015 Honda Odyssey EX

Based on forum?issues, noisy doors upon fourth-generation Odysseys aren’t unheard of, but when repaired once, the problem seems permanently resolved. Wondering if the sounds in your Odyssey’s doors indicate more rapidly advanced getting older than you would possess expected in a Ford van? Visit your seller, get your Odyssey back to like-new condition.

Once again then, our low-mileage 2015 Honda Odyssey feels – as well as sounds – just like a brand new vehicle. The six-speed transmission about which I’ve complained in the past is far less likely to offend than it was whenever new. The Odyssey’s 248-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine feels like the 285-horsepower V6. Urban fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon is more than tolerable inside a 4,500-pound eight-seater. Back upon Michelin Primacy MXV4 all-season tires after a long season on soft winter rubber, the Odyssey has obtained the Accord-like handling which separates Honda’s minivan from the load up.

And the doubts regarding our van’s long-term quality created by the serious sound of a flexing structure at only 8,000 kilometers? Erased.

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