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Let Your Fingers do the Blocking: Craigslist's Paranoid Plate Appendages

CRX with finger

TTAC commenter Piston Slap Yo Mamma has given us an excellent gift.

While perusing used cars on his local Craigslist website, he noticed the trend occurring in the vehicle images. Fingers. Lots of them. Covering license plates. Perhaps, revealing more about the motive force than the plate itself.

So numerous were these crooked appendages, often capped with purple or even naturally yellow fingernails, that he felt the necessity to share them. Therefore, this Tumblr page was born.

“I developed a strange and unhealthy captivation,” he told us.

Craigslist is often?a wild as well as woolly place?- I mean, we’ve all looked for…used articles?before?- however placing a vehicle advert simply means you’re looking to lure invite someone over to check out and buy your faded and rusty heap of garbage.

The fact that it’s plated only shows the mark buyer that you might end up being reputable. Or at least licensable.

Still, individuals who drive their automobiles all over town with plates in full look at suddenly get timid when it comes time to invite the world over to check out their Honda’s horrific paint high quality. It’s enough to help you believe there’s numerous weirdos on Craigslist. Or Witness Protection Plan participants.

Or, that a vehicle’utes sagging rear suspensions wasn’t caused by transporting trunkloads of goodwill items to the Salvation Army every weekend.

Whatever the main reason, the phenomenon is growing. And so are the online tribute pages.

As for Yo Momma, his trip down the Craigslist rabbit pit netted him a nice, grandmother-owned Subaru Heritage wagon. Fingers not really included.

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