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Last Rides: The Compilation Album


A couple of years back, as I sat at my desk having another existential occurrence with one of Murilee’s Finds loaded up on my personal monitor.

Junkyards have been something that have always fascinated me from an archaeological standpoint, even as a young lad. Many are more than just thrown away automobiles. Often, you’lso are looking at the story associated with somebody’s life freezing in time, a bug within the amber.

I gazed at this mundane ’77 Plymouth, after which tossed out a good intentionally absurd, yet profound, comment into cyberspace – sort of an internet version of “Maintain my beer, watching this.” Nobody truly noticed, so I subsequently polished my sickness “craft” till people did.

This satirical drivel became an amusing gadget for laughs for me personally, but alas, the actual sunset has come in order to my column right here.

The latest tale happens to be #99, not counting entire stories lost in order to internet anomalies, random hypotheticals, and responses to Baruthian rants. In the beginning, my flash-fiction tales from the crypt would appear in the comment area. If I was fortunate and hit the post button within a few hours after the article dropped, a few people would really read it. It also makes going back to find them rather difficult. So, prior to I roll the actual odometer over with my last act, here are the actual direct links towards the complete Crab Collection.

1.Disrespected (1977 plymouth volare)
Two.Scout Haiku (1971 Worldwide Scout)
3.Neighbors (1980 Mercedes-Benz 450sl)
4.Lost within Spacewagon (1989 Toyota Corolla Alltrac-wagon)
5.Throttled Luxury (1988 Volvo 780 Bertone)
6.Searching for a Good Home (1980 Toyota Corolla Tercel)
7.New Horizons In the PNW (1971 Volvo 142)
8.Mom’s Memento (1973 Datsun 240z)
Nine.One With The The almighty (1980 Datsun 720 King Cab)
10.Unemployable (1995 Range Rover)
Eleven.An Aerio Of Apathy (2004 Suzuki Aerio)
12.Grampa (1980 Chrysler Cordoba)
13.Vermin (1978 Mercedes-benz 300d)
14.Ce La Vida (1988 Toyota Tercel ez)
Fifteen.Petroleum (1991 Dodge Colt Vista 4wd)
16.Evening Patron (1992 Dodge Shadow America)
Seventeen.Fast Eddie (1953 Chrysler New Yorker)
Eighteen.Grim Prospects (’83 Dodge Rampage Prospector)
19.Mechanic Disowned (1976 Ford Ltd Country Squire)
20.Surf’utes Up (1979 Volkswagen Dasher Diesel)
21.Sub-mini Truckin’ (1990 Geo Metro-amino pickup)
22.Alec (84 Chrysler New Yorker)
23.Experiencing the Twilight (1986 Bertone X1/9)
24.Occasions Are A-changin’ (1992 Chrysler Imperial)
25.Dat Grille Be Sweet Doe (1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham)
Twenty six.Grecian Delight (1992 Geo Metro lsi convertible)
27.The Cost Of Ownership (1998 Cadillac Catera)
28.Lost Within the Amazon (1962 Volvo 122s)
Twenty nine.Like A Bad Habit (1985 Buick Skyhawk wagon)
30.The Hobbyist (Nineteen seventy nine MGB)
31.First Car (1993 Honda Delete Sol)
32.Mental Health (1972 Pontiac Catalina)
33.Fleetwise (1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette)
34.Betty (1982 Datsun Maxima)
35.The important thing (1973 Buick Riviera)
36.Fibreglass Allure (1985 Chevy Corvette)
37.We Learned Something These days (1969 Austin 1800 Landcrab)
Thirty eight.Make San Francisco Beautiful (1984 Toyota van)
Thirty-nine.The Handler (1991 Alfa Romeo 164S)
Forty.Sarge (1985 Renault Encore)
41.Seeing Red (1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser motorcycle)
42.Naked And all sorts of Leone (1978 Subaru Leone 4wd truck)
43.Gone Fishin’ (1967 Plymouth Valiant)
44.Thrashin’ (1977 Datsun 810 station wagon)
45.No Me personally Gusta (1978 Ford Fiesta)
46.Estoy Enfermado (1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS diesel)
Forty seven.Disney’s World (1981 Datsun 510 liftback)
48.Cinnamon as well as Sugar (1982 Cadillac Cimarron)
49.Kids (1986 Maserati Biturbo Spyder)
Fifty.Bernice (1986 Nissan Maxima)
51.This Job Is NOT Cool (1974 AM General FJ8A ice cream truck)
52.Diamond In Da Back (1975 Cadillac Coupe De Ville)
53.Lil’ Brats (1982 Subaru Brat)
54.Punishment (’81 Dodge Aries station truck)
55.Christmas ’82 (1965 Chevrolet Bel Air)
56.Ray (1985 Chrysler Laser beam XE)
57.Seeing Yellow (1986 Pontiac Fiero)
58.Insecurity (Two thousand Pontiac Grand Am GT)
59.The Devize (The year 2003 Pontiac Aztek)
60.Mr Fix-it (1981 Mercury Grand Marquis)
61.Darkish Horizons (1973 Kia Maverick sedan)
62.Tray Of the Ashes (1986 Peugeot 505 S)
63.Westflamia (1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia camper Type P22)
64.Chopsticks (1979 Plymouth Champ Twin Stick)
65.Starry-Eyed (1990 Toyota Cressida)
66.Losing A Friend (94′ Isuzu Amigo)
67.Luv A person Dad (1979 Chevrolet Luv Mikado)
68.Operating The Numbers (1976 Kia Courier)
69.The reason why Don’t You Take An image? (1990 Geo Metro lsi ragtop)
70.Ungiftable (1988 Pontiac Lemans)
71.Sweatbox (1973 Volkswagen LT28)
Seventy two.Camping On the Fringe of Oblivion (1972 Ford Econoline 300 camper van)
Seventy three.Alternate ending to “Times Are A-changin’” (1991 Chrysler Imperial)
Seventy four.Post Dramatic Distress Syndrome (1965 Ford Thunderbird Landau)
75.Grading On A Curve (1982 Toyota Land Cruiser)
76.Somebody Has To Own It (1989 Merkur Scorpio Visiting Edition)
77.“Slappnnutts95 has left” (1972 Plymouth Valiant sedan)
78.Bad Trip (Michael went bonkers Ford Probe)
79.Road And Trash (2000 Dodge Intrepid R/T)
80.Dawn Of Youngsters (1984 Mazda B2000 Sundowner)
81.Lunch time (1991 Toyota Tercel coupe)
82.Giselle (’81 Datsun 200sx coupe)
83.Getting Notes (1973 Volvo 140 station wagon)
Eighty four.You’re The Problem (1990 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24)
85.Missed Connections (1986 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 sedan)
86.Flat Brims, Fast Slides (2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse)
87.Vapor (1984 Toyota Corolla hatchback)
88.These Colors Don’capital t Run Anymore (1990 Oldsmobile 98 Regency)
89.A Tip Of The Hat (1974 Cadillac Fleetwood)
90.Telephone Manners (1997 Mercedes LS400 Coach Edition)
Ninety one.He Just Ceased Liking It (2000 Lincoln LS)
Ninety two.Disillusion Of Grandeur (04 Dodge Stratus R/T coupe)

Premium Selects

93.Last Rides: Special Luxurious Edition (Murilee’s 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe) (Go here for pics as well as story)
94.Sub-Human Honda (2004 Kia Sedona minivan)
95.All XUsed Up (2004 GMC Envoy XUV)
96.You Goin’ Nowhere (1989 Yugo GVL)
97.Obtaining the Boot (2005 Chrysler 300C)
98.Winded (2003 Kia Windstar)
99.Naru (1987 Nissan 300zx 2+2)

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