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LAPD to Tesla: 'Thanks, But Maybe Some Other Time'


It was nice of Tesla founder Elon Musk to deliver a Model S P85D to the Los Angeles Police Department for testing last year, however they’re kindly likely to return it. Possibly with a note under the wiper asking him to make it much cheaper.

The hyper-performing electric four door took up residence using the LAPD (along with a BMW i3) last September, part of a research initiative that studied how EVs could squeeze into a future policing design.

With testing over and grades handed out, the LAPD can now say with confidence that the Model S isn’t their cup of tea. The speed was good, but the price? This isn’t Dubai.

“Is it useful now? No,”?LAPD Police Administrator Vartan Yegiyan told CNBC, adding that he expects to determine the price of EVs drop in the following three to five years as technology advances.

“More models will be being released, and the electricity as well as electrical grid will become more robust, and more getting stations will be available. While that’s happening we’ll be in the space learning and adding to the process.”

Despite offering the “Ludicrous Mode” that rockets the actual Model S to 60 miles per hour by 50 percent.8 seconds, and could catch pretty much anything on wheels, public safety officers could buy three Ford Police Interceptor Utility models (Explorer) for the price of one Tesla.

There are also considerations for the LAPD?– with the city’s hot climate, a police cruiser’s air conditioning system gets regular workouts. That, plus the officer’utes computer system and other electrical add-ons, would drain the battery and reduce range.

Many cities, L.A. as well as New York City to name just a couple of, are adding EVs and plug-in hybrids to their fleets, however municipal vehicles are lighter duty, less specialized affairs. For now, police departments need a gas-powered workhorse that doesn’t break your budget.

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