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Journalist Prods Elon Musk Into Closing the Model 3's Bulk Order Loophole

Tesla Model 3

Like a sign next to the egg roll pit at a Chinese buffet, Tesla’utes “two Model 3s per person” rule could have been ignored by hungry customers.

Tesla founder Elon Musk had to continue the defensive recently after a financial journalist reserved 20 units of the upcoming 215-mile electrical sedan, Automotive News reports.

Anton Wahlman, writing for the investing website Looking for Alpha, published a story claiming that he positioned 20 refundable orders for that $35,000?Model 3, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the model’s 400,000 bookings.

Musk said only two orders would be accepted from the one person, but Wahlman discovered that this actually meant two orders per order form, without any limits on the quantity of forms a customer could submit.

“I ask because I had no issue placing deposits for 25 cars myself, and I didn’t encounter any kind of limit, causing me personally to reasonably assume that I could just have continued -?placing Two hundred or 200,000 refundable deposits -?you choose the number,” Wahlman wrote.

Called away over the apparent loophole on Twitter, Musk fired back to quell growing rumors associated with Model 3 speculation.

Musk added to their message two hours later on, stating that a system check out revealed only 0.2 percent of Model 3 purchases had the same email and physical address. Individuals excess orders had been purged, he said.

That places the number of excess orders in the high 100s, a number so low that the approximate booking number of 400,Thousand can probably still stand. Musk still faces the issue of getting all of those Design 3s assembled and shipped in a timely fashion once production begins in late 2017.

Twitter discussions with Musk always reveal new nuggets of knowledge, and this exchange wasn’t any different. When requested, Musk said the Design 3 will be provided with Tesla’s go-fast “Ludicrous” mode.

The Model 3 is expected to boast a 0C60 mph time of under six seconds, which means a Ludicrous update could shave about two seconds away that figure.

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