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Incentives? American car buyers still don't want a Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200

Significant incentives did not alter the Chrysler 200’s dreadful U.S. trendline in April 2016.

As the decrease in demand for the 200 became much more obvious, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles temporarily shut down the midsize Chrysler’s Sterling Levels factory in order to clean out excess inventory. But Two hundred demand continued to lower, and FCA was pressured into laying off workers at the Sterling Heights grow while ramping up incentives on the 200. So dreadful may be the 200’s marketplace performance that FCA has no desire to create their next midsize vehicle.

Heading into April, stock levels remained higher. Enticing deals were thick on the ground. But apparently, those offers weren’t so enticing after all, even as TTAC printed a positive rental review of the four-cylinder Chrysler 200 at the tail end of April, just as customers headed into showrooms to capture the best deals of the 30 days.

Year-over-year, Chrysler 200 volume tumbled 63 percent in the first-quarter associated with 2016. As of April 1, Automotive News estimated that there had been 53,000 200s in stock at U.Utes. Chrysler outlets. Surely, advertised discounts of $4,500 would be more than adequate to clear out a chunk of that inventory because spring sprung, especially since many dealers were offering far more remarkable offers.

Sub-$18K for a 2016 Two hundred with the 3.6L V6? You best believe it.

Sub-$22K for a V6 with all-wheel-drive? Yes you can.

In April, consumers didn’t seem to care how reduced 200 prices were. With plentiful inventory and attractive offers, Chrysler Two hundred sales plunged 60 percent to 7,591 units in April 2016, a loss of revenue of 11,259 product sales compared to April 2015.

After creating nearly seven in ten Chrysler brand sales in April 2015, whenever Chrysler sold 27,704 brand new vehicles, the 200 contributed only one-third of the Chrysler label’s 22,843 sales within April 2016.2016 Chrysler 200SFCA dealers joined April with nearly as many 200s as Jeep Cherokees. Yet even in a down month for that Cherokee, there were more than two times as many Cherokees sold as 200s.

Observers will point to the overall midsize marketplace’s malaise as a cause of the 200’s rapid slide. Indeed, as the United states auto industry expanded by more than three percent in April, the actual midsize car segment lost sales. But the midsize segment’s decrease was due mostly to the 200’s sharp decrease. 200 excluded, midsize car sales actually elevated two percent in 04 2016. Camry sales were smooth. The Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Chevrolet Malibu jointly jumped 22 percent.

From 10 percent market share in April 2015, the Chrysler 200’s share of the midsize market slid to four percent in April 2016.

If there was a bright spot in the 200’s April performance, it had been the fact that 200 product sales were higher last month than they were within March, when the general market was larger. 200 sales rose to a four-month high of 7,591 units in April. But for a name plate which averaged more than Twelve,000 monthly product sales over the last two diary years?- and more than 19,000 month-to-month sales between 03 and June of last year?- these figures are frighteningly bad, all the more so because 200s aren’t leaving sellers even at cheaper price points.

How much lower might prices need to drop to stir up demand?2015 Chrysler 200 S AWD front angle“Around town, the ZF (automatic transmission) is rarely within the right gear or perhaps the gear that is near the right gear,”?Jack Baruth wrote in his April appreciation review.

“The upgraded Alpine audio system can’t cope with moderate increases in volume and caused many an interior part to quiver long before maximum output had been called upon,”?this TTAC author wrote in late 2014.

“The 200 features a very contemporary roofline that inclines to create a pseudo-coupe profile, cutting rear seat headroom along the way. Combine that with a high rear seat cushion and you have a recipe for compromised headroom within the back,”?wrote TTAC’s former managing editor.

With this kind of glaring faults it is no surprise Consumer Reports, in naming the actual Chrysler 200 one of the most detrimental cars of 2015, stated, “There are many better choices.”

Increasingly attractive incentives might never be enough to beat that verdict.

[Image Source: FCA & ? Timothy Cain/TTAC]

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