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Hyperloop Makes Successful Open-Air Test, Breaks the Speed of Yawn

Hyperloop test

No one wants their most exciting moment to last two seconds, so let’s hope the folks at Hyperloop One possess bigger things decreasing the, erm, pipe.

Yesterday, amid great fanfare and hype, the recently renamed Hyperloop One (previously Hyperloop Technologies) performed the very first open-air test of the electromagnetic propulsion system at the heart of the futuristic transportation concept.

As a bandstand associated with employees and press watched beneath the hot Nevada sun, a test vehicle rocketed along a track for two seconds, hitting Camry-on-a-joyride speeds?- officially, 116 miles per hour?– before plowing into a sand trap. The future doesn’t possess brakes yet, just sand.

Underwhelmed by the spectacle? Hyperloop One would probably counter-top that by stating you aren’t using your?imagination.

The Guardian newspaper was being imaginative when it described the exam as reaching?“the actual technological heights of a 1996-era rollercoaster.”

Company co-founder and main technology officer Brogan BamBrogan, whose name and moustache tend to be anything but boring, called the test one of Hyperloop’utes “bigger, more tangible” key events.

brogan bambrogan

In Hyperloop land, the test would be a major step towards missile-shaped pods filled with individuals rushing on a cushion of air through low-pressure tubes at the pace of sound. The concept, conceived in the madcap brain of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, was gifted around the world by the man within the sleeping bag.

Musk delivered kudos over Twitter following the demonstration, which could have upped the “wow” factor by having the exam vehicle disappear without a trace?after the track.

Two teams are seriously pursuing the wheelless future of land transportation?- Hyperloop One as well as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, both headquartered in the north western United States. Musk isn’t working with either team, but follows the work on his concept closely.

BamBrogan showed up in Detroit recently?with the intent of drawing engineers away from the auto industry. There’s a hiring excessive underway at Hyperloop One, and BamBrogan wants the best and brightest aboard his tube towards the future.

Yesterday’s check might have thrilled engineers and employees of his company, but BamBrogan’s only hope associated with quelling the snark and cynicism encircling Hyperloop is to perform lengthier, faster and more complete tests, find more financial backers (they already have a number of), and prove the technical and monetary feasibility of the technology to the naysaying public.

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