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How Decision 2016 Will Affect the Auto Industry

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As this is written in past due June, the 2016 presidential competition has been whittled down to 2 presumptive nominees from the two major politics parties, and two or even three more candidates that should appear on ballots nationwide. There are dozens of problems facing the public, definitely, but as The Truth About Cars is obviously an automotive-focused site, we felt discussing issues not associated with the auto industry is well beyond the scope of our talents or expertise.

However, there are plenty of issues that will impact our industry, so we are creating a discussion on the candidate’s jobs on those issues. We aim to present a fair, unbiased evaluation that will no doubt be shredded within the very first five comments, and so do at it.

As we see this, there are three wide issues facing the following President that have an impact on the auto industry: work, the environment, and worldwide trade.

Labor and International Trade

Ultimately, labor and worldwide trade issues tend to be linked, as the two mainstream party applicants ?Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ?have both made claims opposing the Trans-Pacific Relationship, as signed by President Obama in Feb.

Donald Trump, writing in United states Today in March:

One of the factors driving this economic devastation is America’s disastrous trade policies. All through history, at the center associated with a thriving country has been a thriving manufacturing sector. But under decades of failed leadership, the United States has gone from being the globe’s production powerhouse – the jealousy of the world – through a rapid deindustrialization that has evaporated entire communities.

The number of jobs and amount of prosperity and income america have given means by so short a period is staggering, most likely unprecedented. And the situation is about to get drastically worse if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not stopped. One of the first casualties of the TPP will be America’s auto industry…

Hillary Clinton, talking also in March to autoworkers in Youngstown, Ohio, as quoted in Politico:

We can not let rules associated with origin allow The far east – or anyone else, however principally China – to go around trade agreements. It’s one of the reasons why I oppose the Trans-Pacific Relationship because when I noticed what was in it, it had been clear to me there were too many loopholes, a lot of opportunities for folks to become taken advantage of.

Regarding labor, Clinton has pledged to support companies with tax credits and other incentives to provide apprenticeships and other on-the-job training. As the powerful AFL-CIO union range has endorsed Clinton, and the UAW has further denounced Trump’s candidacy, there is problem that the typical union member has a lengthy memory of the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed in 1993 by Clinton’s spouse, then-President Bill Clinton.

Among third-party candidates, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson offers advocated for right-to-work laws and regulations, which keep unions from requiring employees from becoming a member of the brotherhood if they do not wish to do so. Furthermore, Johnson stated job creation comes from creating an environment where private businesses can perform free of burdensome government regulation:

Government regulation should only exist to protect citizens from bad actors and the damage they might do to health, safety, and property. Regulation should not be used to manipulate behavior, manage private lives and businesses, and to location unnecessary burdens upon those who make the economy work. Eliminating unnecessary regulations and applying common sense to people rules that are necessary will free up funds and allow those who want and need to create jobs to do this.

Green Party candidate Doctor. Jill Stein promotes an identical platform to that of Bernie Sanders on labor, as both advocate for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15/hour. Stein continues:

Create living-wage work for every American who needs work, changing unemployment offices along with employment offices. Advance workers rights to create unions, achieve workplace democracy, and keep a fair reveal of wealth they create.

These agreements between the Sanders as well as Stein platforms have brought Dr. Stein to propose that Sanders continue his marketing campaign atop the Green Celebration ticket, as Sanders wind gusts down his bid for the Democratic Party nomination following Clinton clinched the required number of delegates.


Climate change ?often called global warming ?is another major issue facing candidates, as they debate the environmental impact of the century of oil combustion by cars.

Hillary Clinton has proposed which fixing climate change isn’t merely an opportunity to create a better world to live in. Rather, she suggests that replacing oil with renewable energies such as solar can create jobs. As she wrote in Time in November:

I won’t let one to take us backward, deny our economic climate the benefits of harnessing a clean energy future, or even force our children to pass through the catastrophe that would result from unchecked climate change.

Donald Trump, however, has stated that he’s “not a great believer within man-made climate change.” That said, he’s apparently concerned sufficient about global warming to cite it inside a request to build a lot wall to protect certainly one of his golf courses within Ireland. In a tweet from several years ago, Trump presented climate change as a concept imagined by the Chinese language to impact American production:

Whether Doctor. Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders tops the Green Party’s ticket in November, one can reasonably deduce from the party’s name which alternative, renewable energy sources will be a priority. Stein wants to “end destructive energy extraction: fracking, tar sands, just offshore drilling, oil locomotives, mountaintop removal, and uranium mines.” Sanders essentially concurs, while encouraging a “fair” transition for those now working in the actual fossil-fuel industry, ensuring continued employment and wages.

Gary Johnson acknowledges their belief that global warming is actually caused by humans. Having said that, while he agrees that protecting natural resources from contamination is a vital role of government, selecting an energy alternative ought to be handled by the free market, not by government employees or even elected officials who many not have the pursuits of the entire country at heart.


We have about five months remaining until Election Day time. Each of these five applicants have varying jobs that affect not just the car industry, but the way forward for this country. Please carefully consider what we have written here, but do observe that the author was only the political science main for about six months, mostly before he reached voting age.

Read the candidate’utes websites (listed below alphabetically), study reputable news sources, and ask questions of the candidates before tugging the lever upon November 8th.

Hillary Clinton

Gary Johnson

Bernie Sanders

Jill Stein

Donald Trump

In curiosity of full disclosure, Bob Tonn is a libertarian, though he isn’t a member of the Libertarian Celebration. In 2012, he do support Gary Johnson’utes campaign as a person in the Libertarian Party, on a limited basis.

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