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Help Me Help You, or #MakeTTACGreatAgain

Hey, a banner ad!

Over the last few months, the number of comments chiding?TTAC’s web site performance has grown and grown. Slow web page loading times, browser crashes, and comments sucked into the ether appear to be the daily norm.

As Nat King Cole once sang, That Ain’t Right, and I’d like more than anything to repair the?issues beleaguering the website and your experience with it.

In order to do that, I want your help.

Let’utes Make TTAC Great Again.

I must make some thing crystal clear from the outset: the editorial team has no control over the actual banner ads you see.

Sometimes a marketer will completely dominate our website, such as the background image and all the banners, and I find out about the media buy when you do.?Those ads are fairly clean and provide no problems to the overall browsing experience.

(Thank you to the advertisers that?are prepared to plunk down money directly on?TTAC advertising spend. We need more of you.)

However, when an advertiser isn’capital t spending money directly with TTAC, we switch to the ad networks to supply a steady source of income. It’s when we use?those networks that we typically see issues.

Many of the issues?are reported by?users operating the Google Chrome internet browser, including yours truly. We experience the same issues you all do, multiplied by the number of tabs I have open at any given time. Given the state of the web in 2016, there’utes also no reason we ought to experience these problems.

A little while ago, we encountered a problematic?ad that took up fifty percent the screen upon mobile devices. As you can imagine, attempting to write something on a cell phone isn’t the simplest task, so we usually don’t have first-hand knowledge about mobile-centric issues. But as quickly as we reported the problem to our dev team, they jumped on it?and resolved it within the day.

The key component in fixing these issues is knowing about them very first. This is where you come in.

If you are experiencing?any type of issue related to using TTAC,?report it. There are many ways you can get in contact with me, and I’m more than happy to forward those complaints onwards. (Well, maybe not?more than happy. I don’t think any of us want issues to complain about to begin with.)

So, here are your options:

  1. Send me personally an email: My deal with is [email protected]. Let me know exactly what you’re experiencing and supply as much detail as you possibly can, including, but not limited to, your browser, operating system, and – in the event that you’re a proper nerd – more insight into how your computer is performing by showing us overloaded processes and memory usage.
  2. Use the contact form: You can find it here.
  3. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook: Many people use social media. You’ll find me at @MarkTTAC as well as facebook.com/mark.stevenson.

You know what? Let’utes not limit this to TTAC’s searching experience. If you have any comments at all, you can share them. I’michael not here solely to write things I enjoy, but to adjust the way we cover our business to the wants and needs of our audience. I want to determine if we’re missing the mark.

However, there’s one thing you certainly shouldn’t do: leave messages in the comments expecting me to see them. I try to see as many comments as I can – however, let’s be honest, you’lso are a prolific bunch. I can’t keep up with all the comments?and do the rest of the things TTAC requires.

Hopefully, cooperating, we can make TTAC a better place for everyone involved.

Thank you,

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