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GM's Factory Shuffle Could Point to Big Electric Car Plans

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Something electric could be brewing at General Motors, as well as we’re not referring to just the?Chevrolet Secure.

John Rosevear at the Motley Fool?comes with an interesting take on what the future holds with regard to Orion Assembly (the The state of michigan facility?tapped to produce the Bolt this fall), and why GM seems to be maintaining other models away from the plant.

Yesterday, we brought you news from the Buick Verano’s impending dying, but the manufacturing space the luxury compact would leave behind is also fascinating. With the Verano (likely) gone from Orion after 2017, the plant would hold only the Chevrolet Sonic and Bolt.

A small, yet-unnamed Rolls royce model was due to be produced at Orion within a few years, until GM kiboshed which plan in 04 and moved its production to Fairfax Assembly in Kansas City.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Rosevear creates, “unless GM is actually planning to move something else into the Orion factory.”

While current developments imply that GM has something special in your mind for Orion, there’s absolutely no hint from the car maker that any brand new small car models are on the way, electrical or otherwise.

Analysts are predicting between 30,000 and 80,000 Bolts sold in it’s first year?- a variety, for sure, but much less than the 400,000 Model 3 reservations Tesla has to work through. When the utility-minded Bolt proves a success, and EVs steadily gain market share, GM might diversify its electric offerings to battle a growing number of competitors, including?Kia.

It could do that, as long as it had room to build more models on the same architecture. As well as that’s where Orion’s spare capacity makes its way into the picture again.

Rosevear speculates that a new EV model through GM could be a samsung i8520 halo car for Buick, although that seems to be the alternative direction of where the crossover-infatuated brand is proceeding. Buick’s global chief?Duncan Aldred said in the past?that he didn’t want low-volume designs in the lineup, but viewpoints can change.

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