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From Russia With Fisticuffs: Bad Merging Leads to Rocky IV Reenactment

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If you’re planning a journey this weekend, take a few pointers from this Euro dashcam video on how not to merge.

Everyone knows Russians are unable sustain injuries on the roadways (or so it would seem), but this reality wasn’t known until videos started rolling in from the insurance fraud-prone country. Their problems are our gain, nevertheless, as these misadventures from the land of Putin and sweetie hold valuable road safety lessons.

Take this encounter on a highway full of stop-and-go traffic, for instance. We’ve got one guy in the slow-moving left lane driving the Toyota Sienna minivan, and another in a previous generation Mazda 3 who really wants into the lane.

Waiting for a friendly driver to give him a dent would have kept a lid on commuting tempers, instead, we get the motorist equivalent of an H-bomb blast in Novaya Zemlya:

It’s too bad there’s no sound on the grainy video?- not just are we losing a few context, we’re most likely missing out on some bouncy pop music.

The Mazda driver doesn’t have an starting when he tries, and fails, to scoot in front of the Toyota. A nice driver gives him space to merge, but now he’utes steamed like a beet salad. He or she hits the throttle in pursuit of the minivan, and even though we can’t see if he taps the guy’s rear fender, they both come to an abrupt halt at the identical time.

Then it’s upon. The minivan driver lays into him such as Boris Yeltsin at wine mouth watering. After a brief tangle and (no doubt) some eye-watering Euro curse words, the actual minivan driver heads back to his vehicle, with the Mazda driver still being applied like a fresh pot of borsch. Just when you think it’s more than, the minivan driver heads back for Spherical 2, clearly motivated by the Mazda driver’s tweeting.

Minivan guy gets inside a kick, but it’s more to range himself from Mazda guy, who follows up with a right hook. The show continues for that viewing audience till both men reduce their flags as well as retreat. Like the Battle of Hampton Roads, this particular one’a draw, as well as life returns to normal on the streets and freeways of Spain.

The takeaway? Wait for a real opening when joining, don’t take out your rage on another vehicle, don’t mouth area off after already being attacked, and always buckle up, simply because that’s just a safe thing to do.

Armed with these simple tips, your weekend promises to be as relaxing as a guesthouse stay on the Black Ocean.

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