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France Begins Process of Wooing Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to build a new European factory to satisfy growing need on the continent, and France knows just the place he should do it.

French Energy Reverend Segolene Royal reportedly frequency the idea of using the website of a soon-to-be-mothballed reactor to Musk, based on Reuters (via Automotive News Europe).

“He didn’t say no,” said Regal, who plans to follow-up the pitch by ending up in Tesla management.

The Fessenheim nuclear grow, one of France’s earliest, is located in the Alsace area near the German border. French president Francois Hollande offers promised to close this by the end of the year, among outcry from union frontrunners and select politicos.

The location would be centralized and appealing to Musk?- in fact, it’utes a region’s he’utes idly speculated about previously.

It’s well known which Musk wants another production facility in Europe to bolster the plant opened up in Tillburg, Netherlands within 2013. With Model 3 orders possibly topping 300,000 in its first 7 days, production will need to be increased in a big way.

In an April 3 Twitter AMA, Musk reiterated the need for more European capacity in order to satisfy long-term regional demand.

Model 3 production is expected to start in late 2017 at Tesla’utes Fremont, California facility. Decommissioning a nuclear plant isn’t something that happens immediately, but once the atomic fuel is removed and also the site decontaminated, the space could be ideal.

Competing timelines determines?whether that idea will get off the ground.

Musk likes the electricity entering his facilities to be as green as possible, and France’s power grid fits the bill, with plenty of nuclear, hydro as well as wind generation in the mix. France is also a big buyer of electric vehicles, with its government handing out generous subsidies to EV drivers.

Hydro-rich Norwegian, which loves its Teslas, seems like an obvious chance, but there’s not only space and electrical power to factor in whenever setting up shop. The France-Germany border area has a multitude of rail outlines and a modern highway network that would supply quick access to many markets.

At the end of the day, Musk is going to do whatever he darn well pleases, however it must be nice having other countries pass you notes at school.

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