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FCA's Friendly Giant Given Keys to Alfa Romeo, Maserati

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV at LAAS2015 with Reid Bigland

Look up, waaaay up.

Human redwood as well as?former Canadian junior hockey star Reid Bigland adds yet another set of responsibilities to his resume thanks to an executive shuffle at?FCA.

Bigland?replaces Harald Wester as CEO of each Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands efficient immediately, though Wester maintains his Chief Technologies Officer position with the group. Both males will continue to sit around the Group Executive Council, which has increasingly protected Sergio Marchionne from regional brand name operations.

Bigland counts?Mind of U.S. Sales and Leader of FCA Canada as his other continuing roles with?the company.?In the past, Bigland has been?head of the Alfa Romeo brand in North America, and global head of?Memory and Dodge brands.

“I am thankful for that work Harald has done in the last few years establishing a sound technical?framework for the two premium manufacturers and which has culminated in the recent launch of the Maserati?Levante and the Alfa Romeo Giulia,” said team CEO Sergio Marchionne in a statement announcing the shuffle.

FCA poses the?alter as the next phase in Marchionne’s plan to rekindle a?relationship between American purchasers and FCA’s Italian language luxury brands.

“It is time now for our initiatives to be directed towards the global?commercial growth of these two brands, and that i can think of no one better than Reid to fulfill which?mission. Reid has an extraordinary record of growing product sales and market share in america and Canada?during the last 7 years at FCA, such as leading the growth as well as positioning of the Memory and Dodge brands?for part of that time.”

Both brands have new models in the wings, but they’ve already been plagued with difficulties. The Alfa Romeo Giulia, initially likely to hit dealer lots this year, won’t arrive until early 2017, reviews Automotive News. FCA hopes the Levante, Maserati’s?very first SUV, will raise that brand’s success amid sales drops in the United States and Europe.

The shuffle comes 7 months after similar executive moves remaining?former Fiat North American main?Jason Stoicevich on the outside looking in.?Stoicevich left the company?shortly after the Oct shuffle.

Analysts expect Marchionne, 63, to retire in the next couple?years. With this latest move, Bigland increases yet again?as a possible heir,?competing for Marchionne’utes soon-to-be-vacated seat?with Paul Manley, head of Ram and 4×4, and?Tim Kuniskis, mind of passenger car brands.

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