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Connect the Dots: Americans Buy More Trucks, Fuel Economy Suffers

Average fuel economy April 2016

On the heels of America’s?auto industry?growing?by over?3% in April 2016, a report?from the University associated with Michigan Transportation Research Institute says the typical fuel economy of those automobiles dipped slightly in the month of 03.

Given the rise in sales associated with SUV and trucks, this should surprise nobody except amoebas living under a rock.

Average light-duty vehicle fuel economy for vehicles purchased in 04 was 25.2 miles per gallon, down through 25.3 miles per gallon in March. This really is still better than the actual 25.0 mpg recorded in December, but down in the 25.8 mpg recorded in July 2014, right before the oil price crash.

With days of $4/gallon gasoline in the rear view mirror, product sales of SUVs in America were up 5.1 percent from 04 2015 to 110,520. Pickup trucks more than doubled which measure, rising 12 percent to 232,647?from this period last year. As of yesterday, the average cost for any gallon of regular gasoline in America was $2.22, down about Forty cents from one year ago, according to data published by?AAA.

Despite certain sweater-in-chief Entrepreneurs ditching small cars to focus on burly trucks, the actual sales-weighted unadjusted CAFE performance offers skyrocketed since 07. This is in no small part to the proliferation of smaller displacement engines and producers sending their vehicles to Weight Watchers.

For now, though, consumers?tend to be flocking in droves to dealer lots in search of trucks as well as SUVs, putting a little dent in the country’s fuel economy and seemingly forgetting that $4 gasoline is not a fictional create. Perhaps George Santayana had been onto something after all.

[Source: Automotive News] [Image: University associated with Michigan]

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