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Buick Envision: A Ghost Unicorn Waiting for the Spotlight

2016 Buick Envision

Raise your hands if you’ng seen a Buick Picture, or even heard someone mention it?

The Chinese-built crossover is now on sale in the U.S., but you’d be forgiven because of not knowing that. Due to a situation of odd timing, the model will discover a short (and expensive) 2016 design year before all trim lines go on purchase this fall like a 2017 model.

With no advertising to be found, it seems Vehicle figured “Nah, we’ll tell them about it later.”

Forget ticker tape parades or even a billboard – the Envision taken care of complete invisibility upon arrival in North America.?Car News?called it GM’utes “quietest vehicle launch in recent storage,” speculating that limited ad budgets and inflamed election unsupported claims are the likely reasons for GM’s radio (TV, Internet and print) silence.

Sales stats show Buick sold 89 Envisions to U.S. purchasers in May, along with a grant total associated with two north of the border (one in 04, another in May).

Because uplevel models were the only Envisions sent to dealers for the abbreviated 2016 model 12 months, a hefty beginning price of $42,995 probably wouldn’t look good in a advertising campaign?(“Imported from China!” doesn’t have that excellent a ring to it, either).

Come fall, that starting price drops 8 grand to $34,990?- much more palatable for that crossover and SUV-hungry purchasers Buick hopes to attract. So invested is Buick in the utility-is-the-only-way-to-go strategy, it killed off the compact Verano sedan last month.

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