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Avalanche 2.0: Chevrolet Silverado High Desert Package

Chevrolet Silverado High Desert

The buttress is back, baby!

Chevrolet fans still in mourning over the loss of their beloved Avalanche get an early Christmas present this year. A new Silverado bundle arrives this fall with all the goodies a ‘lanche aficionado could want, minus the acres associated with grey bodyside cladding.

The High Leave Package, inspired by a concept vehicle shown at the 2014 SEMA show, is available on?LT, LTZ, and High Nation trims, adding trendy exterior fittings and a versatile locking cargo system with dual side storage bins. You’ll never find that hammer you left…someplace.

Chevrolet views the waterproof, multi-compartment storage system because the answer for people who really want a pickup, but opt for an SUV because of the stuff they’re instructed to cart around.

Chevrolet Silverado High Desert

“The High Desert package blends the capability and power of Silverado with the processing and luxury of Suburban,” said Sandor Piszar, overseer of Chevrolet truck marketing, in a declaration. “It’s ideal for those customers who want both security of a locking cargo area, along with the flexibility of a pickup truck bed.”

The package additionally brings GM’s Magnetic Ride Control suspension into the Silverado lineup. The actual self-aware, road-damping suspension lends a refined, SUV-like ride to the pickup, filling out the “luxury” side of the bundle.

While not a standalone design, Chevy clearly knows who it’s romancing with this package. The proof is in the pillars, or more specifically, the soaring buttress treatment out back again.

The Avalanche is?dead, but it has a son with another title.

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