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And the Winner of a $100 Amazon Gift Card is …

Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today

… a person I will announce after the jump.

First,?here are some stats from all your nominations.

You nominated …

  • 165 different automobiles for Ten Greatest, not including derivatives.
  • 174 various vehicles for 10 Worst, not including types, entire brands (which there were many nominations), technologies (lookin’ at you, diesel) and platforms.
  • 12 of you nominated the Jeep Compass with regard to Ten Worst.
  • 15 of you nominated the Jeep Patriot for Ten Most detrimental, and one of your nominated it for Ten Best.
  • Products produced by companies that were possibly part of the former Diamond Star Motors alliance or DaimlerChrysler locked out the six top places of Ten Worst. One of them is the Dodge Journey … but it isn’t the top pick.
  • Sportscars required three of the top 5 spots in Ten Best.
  • There are only two?FCA vehicles in the Leading 20 Best autos. Yes, one of them is actually?a Hellcat and the additional one is?a?4×4.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for …

Daniel Latini, after you are $100 richer. We will email you shortly.

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