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A Cruze-Based Cadillac? Automaker Says 'No Way'

2017 Cadillac XT5 luxury crossover

It looks like Cadillac doesn’capital t think the Chevy Cruze is a suitable platform for a new luxury model.

A source inside a story we ran yesterday claimed an interior program code that put their hands up at General Motors suggests a new Cadillac design based on the Cruze’s front-wheel-drive Delta system, but the automaker has become refuting the claim.

The “D2JL” code seemed to indicate the Delta-based hatchback Cadillac model, along with another source declaring the model would likely contain a turbocharged 1.5-liter motor and eight-speed automatic tranny.

This is not correct, stated Cadillac spokesman Donald Caldwell in an email in order to TTAC.

Caldwell wouldn’t go into particular detail about products currently under development, but said the brand’s near-future direction continues to be intact.

Cadillac is preparing “a series of cars (showing the ‘CT’ designation) and a series of luxury crossovers (much like the new XT5) underneath the iconic Escalade,” said Caldwell, placing focus on the current lineup’s rear-wheel-drive set up and shared architecture.

The new CT6 and XT5 models the pattern for future cars and SUVs, he said, having a focus on “more sophisticated, lighter and more efficient” vehicles becoming Cadillac’s guiding principles.

We know more products are coming down the Cadillac pipe, but this sure decreases the likelihood of one of them being significantly downmarket.

Earlier this 30 days, we reported upon?a new small Cadillac?destined for?GM’utes Fairfax assembly plant within Kansas City, which bumped Buick LaCrosse production to Orion Set up near Detroit to make room. The automaker didn’capital t disclose details on what form the vehicle would take, but said hello would be due in about three years.

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