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Suspects Take Time to do Leisurely Donuts During L.A. Chase


Two suspects in a non-violent La burglary decided the other day that if you’re becoming watched on TVs everywhere, you should a minimum of entertain your target audience.

The two men, who have been pursued by police and watched from the air, drove their rental Ford Ford mustang convertible through rainy afternoon traffic and past excited crowds of people in what the M.A. Times has called “The most M.A. chase actually.”

During the chase, that ended in the suspects’ police arrest after they stopped to take selfies with passers-by for several minutes, the actual suspects performed donuts on a rain-slicked Hollywood Blvd. Enjoy some commentary-free illustrates here:

The Mustang’s leading was down for the entirety of the run after, but it wasn’t tidily stowed aside like it should have already been. It would seem that the suspects dropped their leading while travelling in a fast clip, wrenching which sucker all in order to hell and making their Tinseltown cruise permanently?al fresco.

During the pursuit, the Mustang suffered at least one low-speed impact, a flat tire, and was quickly boxed in with a TMZ tour bus. Can you imagine going on among those tours? So catty …

Although they got their man ultimately (who now encounters several driving-related charges), the actual LAPD didn’t come out of this particular chase without egg cell on their face. Not just did the thinks have to stop as well as wait patiently with regard to cops to arrive (whilst being filmed the actual?entire time), one officer’s spike strip fumble experienced Twitter abuzz:

Thankfully, no one was injured within this chase, unlike a lot of we’ve seen in the past.

It’s hard not to discover there’s something distinctively American about a run after like this. Following a fairly minor crime that wouldn’t even make the papers, the news media, general populace, and a suspect’s devil-may-care showmanship all mixed to entertain a whole city on a dismal, rainy day.

And it’s now immortalized on film.

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