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Another Lawsuit Launched at Mercedes-Benz in Diesel Litigation Barrage

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz’s parent organization, Daimler, has been hit having a second lawsuit from the U.S. law firm that represents owners of diesel-powered vehicles, despite current evidence that could make the suit invalid.

The suit from now-familiar firm Hagens Berman accuses the German automaker of employing an pollutants “defeat device,”?a la Volkswagen, in its diesel vehicles, according to Reuters (via Car News).

The suit states the device must be the cause of laboratory emissions check results that show greater nitrogen oxide emissions than during real-world assessments.

Hagens Berman?sued Daimler in Feb after Mercedes-Benz revealed that the effectiveness of the AdBlue urea-injection system in the Bluetec line of vehicles was reduced in cold conditions to prevent condensation within the exhaust system.

Daimler offers refuted the defeat device accusation, calling the actual class-action lawsuit “unfounded.”

“An element that inadmissibly reduces pollutants is not used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles,” said Daimler in a declaration.

Yesterday, Reuters?reported that the German Government Motor Transport Expert had completed assessments on European diesel models, and found that only Volkswagen employed an emissions-cheating defeat device.

Other models showed irregularities during real-world testing, but they had been within legal limitations, the report said.

The Environmental Protection Agency requested info from Daimler following the first lawsuit, but absolutely no investigation into the car maker was opened. The actual regulator blew the lid from the Volkswagen diesel pollutants scandal?by issuing the notice of breach of the Clean Air Behave last September.

The extremely busy Hagens Berman is also at the rear of a lawsuit filed now on behalf of an Illinois Volkswagen dealer team, which targets the automaker for diesel-related monetary losses.

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