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Sausage Fight! Daimler Shareholders Fight Over Bratwurst


Sometimes, stereotypes exist for grounds.

Things got heated yesterday at a Daimler AG shareholders meeting in Germany, where a fight broke out more than lengthy, plump sausages, Bloomberg offers reported.

This, despite the fact the lucky shareholders were told they’d be finding the biggest dividend in the company’s history?- 3.25 euros ($3.70) per share. You’d think the windfall would have tempered flare-ups, but you’d be wrong.

Daimler experienced budgeted for Twelve,500 bratwursts to feed the 5,500 people at the buffet-style luncheon. If mathematics isn’t your strong suit, that works to two sausages and a suggestion for each shareholder.

One shareholder thought he could take off with a heap of the encased beef tubes, and police had to be called following a pissed off (and likely very hungry) feminine shareholder got into the verbal altercation with him. This is how regional conflicts begin.

Apparently, there were also big pretzels offered at the buffet, the kind you eat with a paper napkin while holding a little container of mustard inside your other hand. At this time, all of us can’t confirm gossips that the shareholders arrived at the meeting in dirigibles and autogyros.

After the sausage tensions simmered down, Daimler chairman?Manfred Bischoff remarked,?”Either we need more sausages, or we’ll need to get rid of the sausages entirely.”

Anyone who knows the joy of getting free sausages can wager there’s now a “don’t invite” notice alongside that one shareholder’s name.

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