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Piston Slap: The Panther's 20 MPG Fuel-Economy Barrier?


TTAC commentator VolandoBajo writes:

Sajeev, my worthy and esteemed fellow Panther defensive player,

I acquired my ’Ninety-seven Mercury Grand Marquis LS about six months ago and have enjoyed everything about this. I’m hoping to find a great source for a dual wear out that doesn’t cost more than the book worth of the car, and to?convince my wife that the mileage increase will pay for the mod over time.

But my?existing problem is baseline fuel economy. I see repeated referrals to a 20 mpg?highway figure, however i can only manage 17 mpg at the best of times.

I’ve powered just a limited number associated with highway runs,?however even under managed conditions, I have become at best 17 mpg approximately. Around town, whether We punch it from lights, or drive it like the aged man who I am not (on the inside), I cannot get more than a hair above 14 mpg.

The vehicle had accumulated 185,000 miles when I acquired it from its?original owners (the best provenance for any older car, I’michael sure you’ll agree), and I am going on 196,Thousand miles now.?I attempt not to make truly short hops, as well as don’t run within dusty environments.

I’m hoping that you might recommend some routine upkeep items I should?consider, especially ones I’m able to do in my driveway, that might net me personally better mileage. I have considered things like a new EGR valve, but not certain where to start or?what’utes?worth the effort.

Thanks ahead of time. You and Jack are the twin bright spots of TTAC. I enjoy a lot of the rest and many of the B&B, but it is you and also Jack who really make me want to waste, er … spend, lots more time reading TTAC than I probably should.

Sajeev answers:

On account of myself and Jack, thank you for the type words! And yes, you need to easily break Twenty mpg?while traveling?in the?65-70 mph range. I’ve done it in a number of 4.6-liter Panthers on highway runs, even high-mileage good examples like yours.

Fuel economic climate issues are usually from?common wear products needing attention, particularly at your Grand Marquis’?grow older and mileage.

Did you need to do a tune up after buying? You should replace spark plugs, wires, PCV, atmosphere and fuel filtration system, then inspect all vacuum lines with regard to leaks (i.e. gooey or brittle rubberized hoses), and don’capital t forget the rubber elbows/T-fittings. Take off the EGR valve as well as clean the carbon off both the valve and the corresponding intake manifold orifices. It’s additionally possible your gas injectors are toast. You can get an inspected/cleaned set for $100-ish upon eBay. One or all of these things will probably solve the problem.

And simply to make sure we overlooked nothing, have you (or the previous?owner) carried out the plastic consumption manifold replacement? If not, do yourself a solid and?do all of the above when you pull off the original?consumption.

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