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Do Americans Care About JD Power's VDS When Buying Cars?

2012 Toyota Tundra C Image Source: Toyota Canada

Late last month, I?established the extent that Canadians buy the most reliable vehicles?according to?automaker-supplied sales numbers and J.Deb. Power’s 2016 Vehicle Dependability Research. In large calculate, the vehicles which win their particular categories in T.D. Power’s Study tend to be distinctly unpopular vehicles within Canada.

In the United States, exactly the same group of vehicles tend to be notably more common. But does J.D. Power’s VDS, a study which takes into consideration problems encountered through original owners of MY2013 automobiles over the course of their third year, have a quantifiable impact on U.S. buying habits?

For each piece of evidence which responds in the affirmative — the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang take the top two places among “midsize sporty cars” and absolutely control the actual U.S. stylish car market — there’s a corresponding order of evidence on the contrary. The most popular vehicle in the usa, Ford’s F-150, ranks sixth in its J.D. Energy category, for example.

Highlighted listed here are the five occasions by which J.D. Power’s findings most accurately correlate with America’s collective car-buying tendencies and five other occasions by which J.D. Power’s dependability ratings are not mirrored whatsoever by the desirability quotient established by American consumers.


Toyota Sienna – Minivan
Even though two separate FCA truck nameplates combine to produce much more total minivan sales in the usa, 2015’s best-selling minivan and the best-selling minivan through the first three months of 2016 was and is the Toyota Sienna.

Sienna product sales shot to an eight-year higher while overall Ough.S. sales of minivans plunged 8 percent in calendar year 2015. Bizarrely, the two FCA van twins C Chrysler City & Country and Avoid Grand Caravan C which are each built at the exact same factory in Windsor, Ontario, receive markedly spun sentences in the Vehicle Dependability Study: “Better Than Most” for that Chrysler and a sub-average “The Rest” for the Avoid.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS, Image: GM

Chevrolet Camaro – Midsize Sporty Car
This study associated with model year 2013 vehicles placed the Camaro first in its class, ahead of the second-ranked Ford Mustang and third-ranked Dodge Challenger. That was the product sales order of these cars for five consecutive years from This year and 2014, as well. Not really until 2015, when the Ford mustang was all-new and the all-new Camaro had been waiting in the wings, did the Camaro fall into second place in sales. In 2016’s first-quarter, the Ford mustang earned 47 percent of the trio’s U.S. volume.

Buick Encore – Small SUV
Among subcompact crossovers, only the more rugged Jeep Renegade and slightly larger Subaru Crosstrek can sell more often in America this year than the Buick Encore. Awaiting a refresh for design year 2017, Encore volume expires 23 percent in 2016’s first-quarter. Combined, the Encore and it is Chevrolet Trax sibling outsell the top-ranked Renegade through nearly three to 2.

GMC Yukon – Large SUV
The Yukon isn’t America’s best-selling full-size, body-on-frame, truck-based SUV. But its twin, which gets nearly identical T.D. Power VDS outcomes, is the top dog. Indeed, the third-ranked vehicle in J.Deb. Power’s results is simply a long version of the Tahoe, the Chevrolet Suv. Among volume brands competing in this class, GM owns nearly three-quarters of the market within 2016’s first-quarter.

Lexus ES C Compact Premium Car
For starters, the Ations is decidedly not really compact. But because of its entry-level luxury pricing, the ES is forced into a group using the BMW 1-Series, Acura ILX, and Lexus CT, along with conventional entry-luxury sports activities sedans such as the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. The ES isn’t America’s premium car sales leader – the C-Class and 3-Series are, plus they rank ninth as well as 13th in T.D. Power’s VDS. However, the ES is?a significant sales player for Lexus. It’s the label’s second-best-selling model and rates third among premium brand cars within first-quarter sales.


Nissan Murano – Midsize SUV
The Murano, America’s 25th-best-selling utility vehicle overall in 2016’s first-quarter, is on track for its best year ever, selling two times as often in 2016 as in 2013, the subject year for the VDS. But a broader look at the recent results for “midsize SUVs” reveals two stopped vehicles (Toyota Venza and Ford Crosstour) in the top five, while the top-selling three-row vehicle in America – the Ford Internet explorer – ranks Nineteenth in J.Deb. Power’s results. Even the Toyota Highlander, 2nd in segment sales so far this year, slots in at seventh in J.D. Power’s results.

Buick Verano – Compact Car
Granted, the Verano’s victory is balanced by 2nd and fourth-place finishes from the two best-selling compact vehicles in America, the Toyota Corolla as well as Honda Civic. But the semi-premium $22,385 Verano’s position atop the actual VDS compact car leaderboard appears in stark contrast to the Verano’s appeal available on the market. Though more popular than the actual Mitsubishi Lancer, Acura ILX, and Scion i’m, Buick sells just one Verano for each three Kia Fortes; one per 11 Civics. Not intended to be GM’s high-volume compact, the actual Verano is nevertheless an increasingly uncommon car. Verano sales declined in the last 2 yrs, falling 30 percent in between 2013 and 2015,?before?2016’s 9-percent Q1 decline.

2013 Mini Coupe burnt orange, Image: Mini

Mini Coupe/Roadster – Compact Sporty Car
Dependable? How about easily unpopular? BMW doesn’t actually bother to build these two-seat Mini variants anymore, having only offered 15,508 Coupes and Roadsters in between 2011 and the finish of the last quarter. Those are the kinds of sales figures achieved by the category’s next-highest finisher, the Volkswagen Golf GTI, over the span of regarding eight months.

Toyota Tundra C Large Light-Duty Pickup
It’s not surprising to determine a Toyota ranked first in its class in a vehicle dependability study. However in the real world, a more dependable full-size Toyota truck returns little benefit in a section where ownership devotion trumps all. In 2016’s first three months, just 5 percent of America’s full-size truck buyers decided on a Tundra. Meanwhile, the most popular truck line in America, the actual Ford F-Series, saw it’s F-150 capture sixth devote J.D. Power’s outcomes, behind even the now defunct Chevrolet Avalanche.

Chevrolet Malibu C Midsize Car
The actual 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, three years on,?earned?the actual midsize car crown?in J.D. Power’s Automobile Dependability Study. In 2016, the new ninth-generation Chevrolet Malibu reported a 37-percent first-quarter sales rise in a declining?segment. But the Malibu at the top of 2016’s VDS was, by the standards of the seventh-generation Malibu, a rather rejected car. Chevrolet averaged 205,000 annual Malibu sales in between 2010 and 2012; only 195,000 yearly Malibu sales the following 3 years. That’s not a little difference. Remember, the new vehicle market had been 28-percent stronger during the second option three-year period.

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