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Relax, Your Car Will Soon Be Safe From Revenge-Driven Extortionist Hackers


Apparently, it’s Technology Tuesday here at TTAC, so we can bring you news of a device that will kick your deeply held fears to the suppress.

Vehicle hacking has been an issue ever since a Jeep Cherokee had its guiding, transmission and brakes commandeered last summer, and an Israeli firm is now offering protection against keyboard warriors, according to CNBC (by way of?Business Insider).

Karamba Protection unveiled a security system designed for connected vehicles a week ago, promising a walls of defense towards malevolent malware enthusiasts. The system shuts down any code that wasn’t written by the automaker’s tech team, stopping outsiders from hijacking a vehicle’s operating systems.

Infotainment as well as GPS systems are the keyhole which hackers wriggle through to reach the systems that affect driveability, so this is where Karamba’s firewall would sit. To get its technologies into vehicles, Karamba would have to form a partnership with the manufacturers that provide the systems to automakers.

There’s plenty of competition from bigger security players in this emerging field, but the speed at which automobiles are becoming connected is increasing, making it a competition for Karamba and others to remain ahead of the hacker’s game. Autonomous systems are now being put in charge of more and more vehicle functions, supplying new doors with regard to hackers to walk via.

It’s not hard to imagine the havoc that could be caused by a vehicle’s automated emergency braking system suddenly activating on a freeway, or the fancy doorways of the upcoming Lincoln subsequently Continental failing to uncover on a hot day time. And self-driving cars … well, that could turn into?Speed 3?in a hurry.

Frankly, if Hollywood scriptwriters aren’t getting motivation from some of these suggestions, they’re even dumber compared to people assume.

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