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There's a New Sheriff in Town: ISIS Fighters Fear "The Beast"

M1A1 Abrams tank

Despite their psychopathic barbarity, ISIS fighters fear many things?- ladies, music, culture, washing, and now a lone tank dubbed “The Beast.”

According to U.Utes. military official Col. David Warren, an American-trained Iraqi tank team has become a one-vehicle Dirty Dozen in the aptly called Iraqi city of Hit, the Associated Press has reported.

As part of ongoing efforts to retake the town from ISIS militants, the lone crew?is?“ripping it up” with its?exclusively midwestern machine, obliterating every unfavorable target of opportunity with its?General Dynamics M1A1 Abrams.

In fact, the not-so-little-tank-that-could is really active, U.Utes. observers initially thought more than one tank had been engaging ISIS (there were 3, but mechanical problems sidelined?two of them). The actual tank has become some thing of a folk hero near Hit and it is crew has taken home the “Hero of the Day” award given to Iraqi troops seven days in a row, based on Foreign Policy.

Warren tweeted a video recorded on April 12 of The Beast engaging a bomb-laden vehicle that was trying to target anti-ISIS forces:

There’s not sure on whether the team rides into town with “Ride of the Valkyries” raging over the audio system.

The M1A1 Abrams, created either at the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant within Warren, Michigan, or the Lima Army Tank Plant within Ohio, bristles with firepower. A?.50-calibre heavy machine gun and two 7.Sixty two mm general-purpose machine weapons complement the tank’utes 120-millimetre main gun.

Under what passes for a hood, a 1,500 shaft horsepower multi-fuel Honeywell turbine engine and Allison transmission inspires all the armament, allowing the Abrams to make short work of Toyota pickups packed with explosives?- or the odd plumber truck.

For carrying out a good job taking out the trash, hats off and away to the operators from the Beast.

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