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There's a (100-Mile) Ford in Your Future, But That's About It

2015 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Motor Company is striking the brakes in the electric vehicle range war.

While competitors like Tesla and General Motors are busy preparing EVs with ranges of 200 miles or more, Ford is staying put at the 100-mile line, Automotive News?offers reported.

Though it performs well in the plug-in hybrid game with models like the C-Max and Fusion Energi, the automaker’s only “pure” EV?- the Focus Electric – has lingered close to the back of the load up in terms of range since debuting in 2012.

For 2017, the Focus Electric’utes range grows from 76 miles in order to 100 miles, however beyond that lies a territory the automaker feels this doesn’t need to key in. The reason lies in the actual economics of the automobile itself, as?larger battery packs add weight and cost.

100 miles is good enough for most, said?Kevin Layden, Ford’s director of electrification programs and engineering, finally week’s SAE World Congress in Detroit.

“I think at this time with the launch from the Focus Electric from 100 miles, it is going to satisfy a big chunk of the population,” Layden told a panel audience. “It’s going to be really inexpensive and a step up where we are now.”

The 2016 Concentrate Electric has an MSRP of $29,170 before relevant government incentives, which would drop the price into the low twenty 1000’s. The Chevrolet Bolt, due out this drop with a range of 200-plus miles, is expected to retail for $30,000 following incentives. Tesla’s Model 3, scheduled for production late the coming year, will offer a range of 215 miles and a car or truck of $35,000.

By sticking with a commuter (not intercity) range, Ford’s biggest rival remains the Nissan Leaf, that provides a newly upgraded range of 107 miles upon higher trim levels (84 miles for base models) at a higher price than the Concentrate.

That relationship won’t last forever, as?EV-hungry Machine is planning a 200-mile Leaf for 2018.

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