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5 Reasons Americans Aren't Buying 5 Different Mazdas

2014 Mazda 3 5-door

Through the first-quarter of 2016, U.S. auto product sales grew?3 percent compared with the same period in record-setting 2015.

Mazda’s U.S. product sales have fallen 17 %, a meaningful decrease of 13,399 product sales over the course of only 3 months.

Something isn’t clicking for Mazda.

Mazda’s shrinking passenger car lineup is down 23 percent, a loss largely incurred by the declining Mazda3 and Mazda6. Mazda’s “light-truck” division, however, is suffering from the near disappearance of the Mazda5 minivan, a CX-9 replacement phase, and a minor slip in sales associated with Mazda’s best seller, the CX-5.

Three months in, there is plenty of time for Mazda to turn 2016 around and improve upon 2015, when Mazda USA product sales climbed to a 21-year high. Yet even in that banner year, Mazda had been hardly a consequential car maker in the United States, earning just 1.8% market share. That is measurably less than Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW. Mazda Canada’s market share is much more than double exactly what Mazda USA achieves, yet Mazda is losing Canadian market share every year.

Something is actually clearly not clicking on.

2016 Mazda6, Image: Mazda USA

Car reviewers gleefully toss a Mazda3 through a series of bends, enamoured by its interactivity, only to discover that real consumers choose eight other compact cars. Industry associates look at the flowing lines of a Mazda6 and are left to wonder at the 10 other midsize vehicles that?sell more regularly. Mazda is soaring up Consumer Reports‘ ratings, too, and all sorts of Mazdas receive CR recommendations.

Mazda’s characteristically superior on-road behaviour obviously means little towards the typical consumer, regardless of the insistent auto writers who’d rather see customers rowing their own in a Mazda3 than enduring a CVT-equipped Corolla.

Why aren’t they buying more Mazdas? There exists a few good guesses, therefore I’m answering that question for every Mazda by taking the place of a consumer, not the car rater. Let’s be obvious: I could do this for almost every automaker. Mazda’utes case is pertinent right now because of Mazda’s currently fragile sales.

What would quit me from buying a Mazda? Here’s one chief reason for each Mazda automobile, leaving the CX-9 end up being until we’ve had more exposure.

2016 Mazda CX-3 Red


The CX-3’s comfortable rear seat as well as tiny cargo area wouldn’t deter me if I was seeking an all-wheel-drive subcompact crossover. And while 146-horsepower sounds like very little, the actual CX-3 is sufficiently powerful in daily driving.

But the CX-3 is way too low.

If you’re going to indirectly replace a subcompact car having a subcompact crossover, isn’t a major factor of the switchover ride peak? Sitting in a CX-3, Personally i think like I’m perfectly positioned to study the pickup truck’s nether regions. There are?only six inches of floor clearance, and no amount of black cladding can make upward for that. Of course this handles well to have an SUV –?it’s as little as a freaking car. A minimum of the Jeep Rebel, which is just as chock full of faults as every subcompact utility, has an aura of SUV genuineness because of its loftier perch.


On my powerful recommendation, my best friend rented a new Mazda3 hatchback at the end of March, flying in the face of the trend that?has seen U.S. as well as Canadian sales drop 21 percent to date this year. But actually he couldn’t take his base model Mazda3 as is. Kenny removed the actual Mazda3’s covered 16-inch wheels (for winters) and replaced them with the 17-inch metals off his dead first-gen Mazda6. It looks amazing. But 17-inchers on a new Mazda3?

17s on the 3 are unusual, indeed. But to escape the empty wheelarch/tippy-toe appear of most Mazda3s, Mazda required Kenny?to invest an extra $7,000 CAD?to get 18-inch rims (and lots of other stuff). Forget any kind of 17-inch mid-way option.

Should crippling, small wheels have been a deal-breaker for Kenny? (They nearly were until he or she remembered he still technically owned the Mazda6.) Perhaps not, however his experience speaks to the way Mazda allows even mid-grade versions of the very good looking Mazda3 to look?very cheap. Middle discussion of Mazda’s premium-ness in early 2013, Mazda’s CEO asserted he needed customers to, “appreciate the value of the product.Inch Mazda might find more appreciation when they get rid of 16-inch steering wheel covers on a $20,415 USD?Mazda3 i Sport 5-Door.


I adore a good-looking midsize sedan around the next minivan owner. In the event that handsome exterior is actually paired with a willing chassis, consider me personally excited. But I don’t grasp the point of stepping up from a fun and comfy car like the Mazda3 when the Mazda6 isn’t going to be more comfy for more people.

The Mazda6’s swoopy roofline consumes into rear headroom. The center hump would make five-aboard outings a pain. These aren’t problems in an almost-flat-floor, not exactly swoopy roofed Toyota Camry.

2016 Mazda CX-5 red


A criticism levelled against most Mazdas relates to noise, vibrations, and harshness. But up against?refined,?traditional best-selling Honda CR-V, the CX-5’s blowing wind noise and motor clatter are irritating. It’s tire hum is actually, say it with me, tiresome.

The CX-5 is surrounded by competition which don’t steer, handle, shift, or even brake with any joy, but the Mazda CX-5’s powerful appeal will be lost on many buyers who just want a quiet family hauler.


If I had the money and driveway space for an ND MX-5, I believe I’d pull the trigger immediately.

Or would I? The last time I invested a week with a Miata, my buddies all made fun of me. Kenny even called me Grandpa.

I’m my own man, obviously, and I back that up in vehicular conditions by being happy with minivan possession. But minivan ownership tends to make me look precisely my age; minivan ownership indicates absolutely truthful notions to those who observe me driving the Honda Odyssey.

2016 Mazda MX-5 White

MX-5 possession, however, is another issue. Aside from seemingly every second young auto writer in North America, MX-5s seem to be driven just by the most hoary-headed among us. Perhaps that’s just my locale, however, that is where I would be driving my MX-5.

“Not wanting to look like I am 72,” appears like a justifiable reason to avoid dressing in a certain style, a fair argument because of not dining?out at a certain time, and proper logic for playing tennis instead of pickleball. But I hope I do not give in to such logic if I conserve the money and buy the actual garage.

I may sneer at small-wheeled Mazda3s, literally appear down upon CX-3 motorists, never see any humans in the rear seat of a Mazda6, and ponder whether every CX-5 I generate is wearing winter wheels. But I really want a Miata.

[Images: Mazda]

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