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Now ISIS Wants Into the Self-Driving Car Business

Google Autonomous Vehicle Prototype Circa December 2014

Don’t expect ride sharing.

It seems, at times, that everyone and their sister is working on autonomous vehicles, but the NATO security professional just confirmed that even?ISIS is getting in on the technology, Britain’utes Express?newspaper reviews.

Not interested in giving motorists a chance to stretch out while returning emails, Islamic State militants are instead planning for a much more sinister (and incredibly predictable) use for his or her self-driving cars.

Speaking to a Birmingham audience, Dr. Jamie Shea, NATO’utes?deputy assistant secretary general for emerging protection threats, said the actual terror group is developing technology in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa to create autonomous car bombs for use in strikes from the West.

“We are concentrating very much on…Raqqa at the moment, where ISIL [ISIS] has its bomb making factory,” Shea said.?“It is not just Google that is producing the autonomous vehicle, ISIS is also trying to do the same.”

Europe, always the actual innovator, already includes a number of autonomous automobile pilot projects going ahead with various automakers. Given the pace of technologies, self-driving cars could be a lawful and growing presence on European roads in just a few years.

Autonomous automobiles would benefit ISIS in 2 ways. The vehicle might easily carry a bomb to a predetermined location without arousing mistrust, and it would extra militants from having to carry out unpopular suicide bomber duties.

Even if the group’s homegrown autonomous efforts come to absolutely nothing, there’s still the option of purchasing the technology for a nefarious purpose at a future date. It’s just one of many emerging threats which overstretched security forces are in possession of to plan for.

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