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Ford Crowns Itself V6 Torque King, Debuts Next-Generation EcoBoost Engine

2016 Ford F-150 Limited

Ford Motor Company didn’t want an opportunity to declare bragging rights to pass by, so it sent its 3.5-liter EcoBoost motor in for a therapeutic massage.

The result was a torque (eco)boost of 30 pounds-feet, raising the actual engine’s output in order to 365 horsepower and Four hundred and fifty lb-ft. That places Ford’s F-150 ahead of its closest full-size six-cylinder competitor, the Memory 1500 EcoDiesel, which statements 420 lb-ft.

The next-generation engine and the company’utes new 10-speed automatic tranny (jointly developed by Kia and General Motors, but built by Kia) debut in the 2017 F-150 going to be out this fall.

Ford foisted a number of improvements onto the motor to create the increase in twist, but also to make the motor leaner in preparation because of its?10-speed partner.

A?dual-direct and interface fuel-injection system delivers fuel to both the intake port and cylinder, while the turbochargers now have a lighter turbine steering wheel and electrically activated wastegates.?Hollow camshafts in the brand new roller-finger follower valvetrain have fat savings in mind, as well as beefier intake and wear out valves are a nod to long-term durability.

A start-stop system can come standard on the design, to the chagrin of owners who dislike the gas-saving feature. Ford punches them a bone fragments by shutting off the machine if the vehicle is towing or in four-wheel-drive setting.

Fuel economy ratings aren’capital t available for the new F-150 drivetrain, however Ford is being cautious not to make any promises about its start-stop technology, warning proprietors that “actual fuel savings vary depending on driving patterns.”

Production of the cog-heavy gearbox is backed by a $1.4 million investment in the Livonia Tranny Plant, but it’utes money well spent if Ford?continues to bring in the dough from its lucrative truck lines.

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