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Acura Takes a Sepia-Toned Selfie With its BFF, the Millennial Car Buyer


Acura is turning 30, and to celebrate, it’s turning its attention from the yuppy Gen-Xers who first discovered the brand to the hopeful, car-buying Millennials of today.

It’s not pandering for vehicle product sales, it’s a relationship, see?

Honda’s luxury marque just launched a marketing campaign that seems completely designed to lure in the largest-growing segment of car buyers. Called “3 decades Young,” the ad plays up Acura’utes status as the top luxury brand of this age demographic, while stroking the ego of the Millennial buyer.

“Certain, you used rail against authority as well as smoke weed whilst skipping the 20th Century English Lit course your parents paid for, but simply because your’re evaluating drapery options with your longtime partner and thinking of joining a residential area association doesn’t imply you’re not still an edgy individualist!”

Acura chose much better words for its marketing campaign, implying that fun can still be had after your anarchist days possess waned, and that its vehicles are still a part of that journey.

The Acura NSX is one thing to work for -?I mean, who wouldn’t spend a few extra hrs tweeting about “brands” from the marketing office if NSX possession was remotely within reach – but entry-level designs like the ILX tempt Millennials probably the most.

Knowing that, the automaker’s new ad features a silhouetted ILX getting airborne on the closed course, also it deserves credit with regard to doing that. Frankly, all car ads would be better if it demonstrated the model getting airborne, especially crossovers as well as minivans.

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