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Expert Predicts Rise in Self-Driving Car Fornication; Window Tint Sellers Cheer

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He doesn’t have any firm numbers, but Barrie Kirk includes a feeling.

The Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence executive overseer just knows that as soon as humans no longer have to pump the brakes and jerk the actual wheel of their independent vehicles, their ingrained routines will give way to exploits of a carnal nature.

Yes, some people are predicting fleets associated with rolling bedrooms coursing their own way through commuter visitors. Don’t tell Sally Lovejoy.

“That’s one of several issues people will do which will inhibit their ability to reply quickly when the pc says to the human, ‘Take over,’” Kirk told The actual Canadian Press (via CBC).

Canadian officials, like those the world over, are trying to learn how to regulate the forecasted wave of self-driving vehicles. Over-confidence of a vehicle’s autonomous systems on the part of the occupant is one worry that’s popped up amongst bureaucratic circles.

Those fears were compounded when movies arose of Tesla proprietors taping themselves carrying out (fairly mundane) actions while their vehicle was in “autopilot” mode.

“Individuals will not be able to respond over time,” Kirk said.

Will it be “eyes on the road, hands near the wheel” once transportation government bodies finish their job? Canada’s most populated province, Ontario, already has loose rules in effect to ensure there’utes an occupant within the driver’s seat of the autonomous vehicle in case emergency intervention is needed.

There’s no word however on whether Ontario, or other jurisdictions for that matter, will allow Dodge Monaco-sized front bench seats in their self-driving cars.

It’s bad the “bed inside a car”?Nash brand is gone.

Obviously, this is one of those “down the road” issues that people obtain knickers in a twist about early on, but regulations have a way of happening eventually, even with the slow wheels associated with bureaucracy driving them.

So, what will occupants of self-driving cars be allowed to do as soon as governments have their way? Where would you draw the line? Keep in mind that this problem reaches well beyond lewd escapades, and into the arena of napping.

Motel proprietors and window tinting companies anxiously await the outcome of the debate.

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