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Piston Slap: The Little Hole, The Truck Spare Tire


TTAC?commentator Macca writes:


This is random, but I was wondering should you could look into a car curiosity that has hassled me for some time. Web searches on the subject have not produced any solutions so far, unfortunately.

I don’t own a Ram truck, nor do I envision ever purchasing one, but I do often find personally sitting in traffic behind one. I’ve noticed that on recent designs, the rear bumper includes a slight indentation above and to the right of the license plate region. This indentation appears to coincide with what appears to be a drain hole of some sort for the bed, but the 2 aren’t ever fully aligned.

It’s probably no shock which I’m a bit Obsessive-compulsive disorder about automotive things, and this is the first thing I see as I stare at the rear of any Ram vehicle in traffic — kinda how?I always look for the damaged plastic liftgate panel on third-gen Explorers. I know, it’utes a sickness. (You’ll need some Vellum for your Venom, boy! – SM)?

Sajeev answers:

There was a period when I didn’t know what that hole had been for either. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter!

It?was before I changed a flat on the buddy’s truck, that was then?my vehicle. I?had to rotate my tires – except not. As though?a 24 Hours of LeMons Judge ever rotates his own wheels with so many?terrible racers just begging for the task.


Or at least these people used to. Sigh, it couldn’capital t last?forever.

Mopar’utes own YouTube channel has?the best description?of why that hole exists;?it’utes so you can lower the full-size spare tire. I understand the truck spare tire’utes space efficient style, even if it’s tricky to extract and frustrating to re-install within the best of weather.

Plus, it’s far too easy for thieves to steal your own (valuable, full-size) spare.

Between this and tailgate thievery, truckers of all sizes got problems. This?is sort of?addressed in more recent designs: many vans have (optional) locking tailgates. For years, both Ford and Chevy make use of a lock cylinder shared with your ignition answer to ensure nobody gets your spare – including you?if you forget in order to re-key the bumper when addressing your key.

Suffice to say, truckers obtained lots of problems with their?holes!

[Images: OP,?? 2014?Sajeev Mehta/The Reality About Cars]

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