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Guess Those Tesla Drivers Want All The Privileges For Themselves


If I had to think of a single car that would be likely to demonstrate “road-rage” behavior with a man behind the wheel, I’d have to pick the Tesla Model Utes, at least until the Model X becomes accessible.

Note my qualifier: “with a guy behind the wheel.” My considering here is that man Tesla drivers tend to range from most feminized segments of American society -?seaside elites, eco-weenies, virtue-signalers, and other people who have opted out of the traditional male experience. (If you’lso are wondering what the “traditional male experience” might be, We refer you to every thing I’ve ever created that doesn’t cope with Yacht Rock, classical music, Jacques Derrida, or iambic pentameter.)

If you’re shaking your head within contempt or disbelief right now, ask yourself the next question: You’ve been told you’ll be fighting someone to the death with your bare fingers in the morning. What would you rather see that person pull up in –?a Tesla Model S, or a beat-up F-250 with a power body in place of the bed?

In California, however, presently there another kind of Tesla buyer -?somebody who will pay any kind of price and bear any burden to get a California HOV lane label. Those people pride themselves on being able to drive past the typical man in visitors, and they don’t like it when you demonstrate much more privilege than they possess.

How else to explain the above mentioned video, which is making the rounds of motorcycle forums right now? The fellow on the bike arrives all the way from the end of a jam-packed on-ramp to pass the Tesla at the light, which in turn uses its Ludicrous Mode (or whatever) to catch back up to the actual bike and swerve/brake-check him or her.

There are two potential answers for what’s going on here:

0. The Tesla guy just wanted the street, which was contested through the wavering Elantra ahead, and his brake-check is an attempt to not really hit the Elantra following misjudging the closing pace.

1. The Tesla guy was furious with the motorcycle for demonstrating more California privilege compared to he had. After all, motorbikes are faster in CA traffic compared to any HOV-licensed elite-mobile. That extra speed comes with the nontrivial risk of life and arm or leg rather than a mere checkbook transaction, but in a state that (according to CNBC) offers nearly 14,000 people worth more than $50M, it’s hard for many people to understand that money can’t buy everything.

It’s also difficult to understand the actual interaction between the motor biker and the Tesla guy, that rolls down his window to -?what? Apologize? Express further anger? The guy on the bike doesn’t want to find out, but I wonder if perhaps he doesn’t have a better idea of the Tesla driver’s harmlessness than we do in the video, because he trips between the Model S and the next traffic street to express his frustration a little bit more. That’s not something a sane person would do unless they have zero expectation that the Tesla will move over three feet as well as quad ’em.

Who’s within the wrong here? As always, there’s plenty of blame to go around. I think a bit more situational awareness on the rider’utes part would have prevented a very near miss. As a rider personally, I can tell you that there is a lot of law which governs the conversation of cars as well as motorcycles, but the just truly binding laws in a situation like that are the laws of science.

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