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BMW Facing Lawsuit Over i3 REx Power Loss

2015 BMW i3 Range Extender, Image: ? 2015 Alex L. Dykes/The Truth About Cars

Owners of?BMW i3s?designed with optional?range extenders – read: two-cylinder engine that generates electricity – are suing the automaker for an issue that could leave those drivers going sluggish in the fast street.

According to Green Vehicle Reports, the 325i repair i3 REx will drop down to 45 miles per hour below certain conditions, that some owners believe is a safety problem.

The class-action lawsuit alleges the little range extender isn’capital t strong enough?keep up with inspirational?demand at freeway speeds when the battery is nearly depleted. Engine and battery management software steps in and reduces the BMW i3’s speed to 45 mph so that battery charge can catch up with need.

“The BMW i3 Variety Extender feature is really a dangerous instrumentality to the those who own the vehicles and to other motorists on the highway,” said Jonathan Michaels?of MLG Automotive Law, the firm handling the class-action suit. “Having a sudden and unexpected loss of energy in a motor vehicle can result in a catastrophic situation for all those on the road. These types of cars are harmful and should not be driven.”

Green Car Reports information three of its publishers have experienced the issue in addition to its?many owners.

The outlet spoke with?electric-car recommend Tom Moloughney, who is also a BMW i3 owner. He stated the issue mainly comes down to a lack of knowledge of how the range stretcher works, and refrained from blaming the i3 for any quirk that doesn’t impact any other vehicle on sale today.

“The biggest problem is the lack of information on how the REx works at the dealership level. I think in the event that people understood the way the range-extender system works, after that there would be fewer problems,”?Moloughney said.

A consultant for BMW said the company can’t discuss pending litigation.

The BMW i3 REx stickers, without choices, for $47,245, including location.

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