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The Mini Clubman's 2,860-Pound Hitch is Rated R

Mini Clubman Hitch Pixelated, Image Source: Mini

Mini, the British brand name built atop the idea of British fashionability, has been incredibly style conscious ever since BMW brought it back from the depths of English oppression.?Its iconic?Cooper nevertheless wears a?outline that harkens back to the initial, but offers contemporary?safety equipment and enough room with regard to life-sized humans. You can order the actual Union Jack placed on virtually any body solar panel. And those?center-mounted speedometers – around they put Flava Flav on discover – were a captivating touch, if totally useless.

Yet, posh Britons?are a fairly easy?bunch to embarrass. For example, flatulence is?met with mortified exclamations of “My word!” before said flatulator escapes to?another room in order to?make?tea.

So, knowing that, how the hell do the Clubman’s tow line?hitch make it past the censors?

Mini Clubman Hitch, Image: Mini

Yup … there it is.?Presenting the Clubman: the new compact from Mini that’s incredibly excited to tow your next load. Truck Nutz not incorporated.

This image was pulled directly off the Mini press site. I’michael sure from any additional angle it looks just peachy. But, what’s seen cannot be hidden.

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