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News Round-up: Oil's Ups and Downs, Porsche Panamera Leaked, and Women Driving Crossover Sales Growth

Oil Pump Jack, Image: Paul Lowry/Flickr

After a short rally in the price of oil, WTI and brent crude prices possess plateaued over the last week forward?of an OPEC meeting Thursday, and increased oil production from Irak beginning next month.

That, Mercedes leaked the new Panamera, and women are more likely to buy vehicles on their own after the jump.

Oil producers crank up the volume

According to The Globe and Mail,?the world’s second largest maker of oil is looking to increase production next month by 5 million barrels in an effort to boost market share.

Iraq, which is?a member of?Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, has already been producing record quantities of oil.

On Thurs, OPEC will meet in Vienna to go over a few matters, but the price of oil — now hovering about $50/barrel – likely isn’capital t one of them. Instead, the organization will focus on share of the market discussions, and also choose a new secretary-general.

Porsche Panamera Leak

This is the next Porsche Panamera, supposedly

A Californian named Vince Burlapp caught a look at what he says is the 2017 Porsche?Panamera.?So, um, here you go.

Full disclosure: I still haven’capital t driven a Emergency services.

‘Are you sure you can buy this car without your husband’s permission?’

Dealers tend to be horrible, or at least a number of them are.

A piece in Automotive News shows the fact that some dealers and salesmen?continue to be stuck in 1957.

Nora Patey knew what the lady wanted when she went car shopping over Presidents Day weekend: a small SUV, with a backup camera, higher carriage and a reasonable monthly lease payment. Even so, many of the sales staff made their pitch to her sweetheart.

“He would have to say, ‘It’s not really my car, do not talk to me, talk to her,'” the 24-year-old remembered. “Even though I would initiate the introduction and say that I was looking for the car, and I had been buying it, a lot of the conversation would are often directed to him.”

But it’s women – and particularly single, professional ladies – that are traveling sales growth. And when you treat them right, they’ll keep coming back, possibly with friends.

“There’s a group of single, expert females out there that require vehicles, and you have to be attentive to them,Inch said James Mulcrone, director of research services in MaritzCX’s Michigan office, who has studied developments among female automobile buyers. “They’re going to make cash, they’re going to make their very own decisions, and they can be very loyal consumers.”

More compared to two-thirds of female purchasers reported their 2015 buy decision as “entirely up to me,” and the appeal of SUVs, along with ample cargo room and improving gas mileage, is widespread.

[Images: Essential oil Pump Jack,?John Lowry/Flickr]

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