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Design Changes Coming for Volkswagen Beetle's Final Act

2017 Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle’s times are numbered, but at least it will visit its grave with updated looks.

Design changes are coming for that 2017 model, with a host of new trim outlines on tap?- in Europe, at least. Expect the updated model to be the actual resurrected nameplate’s final makeover, as?manufacturing is said to end in late 2018.

All Beetle bumpers become flatter as well as sportier, with R-Line models given a more aggressive bumper treatment, complete with bigger openings and a ventilation strip above the bumper. Think of it as bumping the Porsche DNA up by a percentage stage or two.

New steering wheel and paint choices are part of the mix, much like tinted LED taillights. R-Line designs receive a restyled dash and brighter interior lighting, as well as a new interior package.

A “Black Style Package” offers the option of blacking out the roof, mirrors as well as wheels for a sportier impact. Put that?matte Tremclad aside, kids.

Expect powertrains carry over as before. Now, may all of the European market changes cross the actual Atlantic? Volkswagen of the usa hasn’t confirmed what to anticipate out of the new design.

Still, with Beetle sales slipping in the U.S., anything that stops (or even reverses) that pattern will be welcomed through the company and its stressed American dealer system.

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