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95% Of Pickup Truck Buyers Agree With Dan Neil: Toyota Tundra Not The Most Technically Advanced Truck

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 CrewMax

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Dan Neil pretty torched the 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax in a current review for The Wall Street Journal’s Rumble Seat.

“It is not the most powerful, the swiftest and definitely not the most fuel efficient,” Neil wrote inside a particularly stinging paragraph which began through Neil calling the Tundra, “not probably the most technically advanced truck on the market.”

The Tundra faithful, not really particularly numerous at the best of times relative to rival Detroit nameplates, is an ever more?compact group of people. With each passing month, America’s truck purchasers make increasingly obvious that?they heartily?accept Dan Neil.

“It has a fairly raucous-sounding powertrain,” Neil says of the highfalutin 1794 Edition Tundra, “and delivers fairly squishy driving reactions compared with its perfect competitors.” Those prime competitors personal 95 percent of the full-size truck market so far this year, up from Ninety four percent through the very first five months of 2015. Indeed, Tundra market share among full-size pickups was pretty steady at Six?percent after falling from 7?% in 2009 and This year and from Nine?percent in 2008 and 2007, when Tundra volume reached record highs.

In other words, a decade ago, nearly one out of every ten pickup trucks sold in the United States was a Toyota Tundra. That figure now stands at one in 20.

Neil’s right when he describes some of the reasoning at the rear of the Tundra’s scarcity. As opposed to its chief competition, the Toyota, “has a more limited menu.” However this isn’t new C the actual Tundra’s lack of variants was equally noteworthy whenever 9?percent of the full-size pickup trucks sold in The united states were Tundras.

But Neil’s especially right when he says the Tundra is not high-tech. There’s no aluminum-intensive body, absolutely no highly efficient diesel-powered or trailer car parking, either. Toyota, for so lengthy at the forefront of hybrid technology and lean manufacturing excellence, has allowed the Tundra to grow grey as well as old. Recent refreshes included a thick management of Just For Men, however consumers aren’t fooled: the Tundra is historic.

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 interior

The second-generation Toyota Tundra arrived at dealers within 2007. (Note: the 2014-onward Tundra is sometimes called a third-generation model, but c’mon.) The 5.7-liter 4×4 Toyota Tundra rang EPA’s fuel usage meter at 14 miles per gallon nine years back. Today? 15 miles per gallon, in a world where F-150 EcoBoost 2.7-liter V6 travels 33-percent further on a gallon of fuel.

Besides the mentioned superiority of direct full-size rivals, the truck marketplace’s marginally improved midsize need is abundantly obvious inside Toyota’s own pickup truck portfolio. Sales of the class-leading Toyota Tacoma rose to a report high of 179,562 units in calendar year 2015, and the Tacoma’s 9-percent year-over-year improvement through 2016’s first 5 months outpaces the pickup truck sector’s 6-percent uptick. Monthly Tacoma volume has grown in 19 from the last 21 several weeks.

Yet while U.S. pickup truck volume flower 6?percent, or 59,000 models, in the first 5 months of 2016, Tundra sales are down Eleven percent this year, the 5,555-unit drop. Monthly Tundra volume has reduced in nine?of the last 10?several weeks, including a five-month streak to begin 2016. In a historic context, the 106,000 Tundras Toyota United states is on track to sell in 2016 represents a 46-percent decrease from 2007, when the Tundra was new.

The Tundra doesn’t go with out compliments. “The Tundra 1794 is absolutely chockablock with creature comforts,” Neil states, while also giving credit score to Toyota’s Tundra pricing model.

Perhaps the Tundra’s market place performance deserves a positive outlook, as well. Here is a truck that Toyota apparently forgot to foster – Ford has debuted two new F-150s since the actual second-generation Tundra was introduced – yet it’s the truck that is set to make 2016 the fifth consecutive year in which a lot more than 100,000 are sold.

Moreover, it could be worse. Toyota sells nine Tundras for every Titan sold by Nissan.

[Image Source: Toyota]

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