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SPIED: 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

Facing an onslaught of four-door ‘coupe-style’ SUVs from its German born competitors, Jaguar Land Rover is firing a return chance across the Channel.

A brand new model photographed whilst testing shows an addition to the Range Rover lineup, expected to bow within 2018. The model, that shares a lightweight light weight aluminum alloy frame with the Jaguar F-Pace, could be called the Sport?Coupe, though company insiders still think of it as the Evoque Plus or even Evoque XL.

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

The?Sport?Coupe is designed to fill the gap between your Evoque and Range Rover Activity, as well as give BMW and Mercedes-Benz something to become worried about. Slightly shorter than an X6 or even GLE Coupe, the Sport Coupe should boast great handling characteristics, thanks to the F-Pace’s suspension as well as aluminum body.

The sloping roofline as well as short rear overhang can be seen in the photos, with an abbreviated rear doorway. (Sporty cars are meant to have a lot in advance, and little in the back.) Inside, expect a luxurious, cockpit-style layout along with a 2+2 seating configuration.

2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe

There’s not much known about the Sport Coupe’s powertrain, but JLR comes with an extensive lineup associated with six-and eight-cylinder gas and diesel-powered engines available for make use of. It’s possible Variety Rover could source the actual four-cylinder engines found in the F-Pace, and one day adopt the electric powertrain being developed for that model.

[Images:?@ 2016 Spiedbilde/The Reality About Cars]

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