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California Car Thieves Still Doing Their Part to Encourage Walking

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Where is a parked car not a parked vehicle? The answer is California, exactly where your vehicle will magically transform into a clear spot with a scattering of window glass on the pavement.

The Nationwide Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) just released it’s 2015 vehicle theft Hot Spots report, and the Golden Condition gets top billing, with eight of their cities listed in the very best 10.

Modesto, California requires the gold honor for car theft, with a per capita rate of 756 robberies per 100,Thousand people. Bakersfield, Salinas and San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward also placed in the top 5. The two non-California cities within the top 10 were Albuquerque, New Mexico (second place, with 733 thefts per 100,000) and Pueblo, Co (seventh place, upward from 24th last year).

The other California hot spots were Stockton-Lodi, Merced, Riverside, San Bernadino-Ontario, and Vellejo-Fairfield. While the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim area experienced the most total vehicle thefts (57,247), the area’s sizable population kept it out of the top 10 when the crimes were measured on the per capita foundation.

If you’re looking for somewhere to live where the only dangers to your vehicle are falling nut products, hail, rust as well as depreciation, head to Altoona, Pennsylvania. That city recorded a per household rate of Thirty thefts per One hundred,000 people. Next in line in the safe zone were New York cities Glen Falls, Watertown-Fort Drum, and Kingston. Harrisonburg, Virginia placed fifth safest having a rate of 32.79 thefts for each 100,000.

According in order to FBI statistics, automobile thefts rose 1 % over the first half of 2015. The NICB recommends drivers use four layers of defense when parking their car, with the first layer becoming common sense?- that’s the thing you use when you decide not to park the actual Civic under the overpass, next to the broken streetlight, with the windows folded down and the secrets in the ignition.

Don’capital t be that guy.

The other layers consist of warning, immobilizing and tracking devices, though the following anti-theft device can’t be condoned, nor is it supported by existing legislation:

Don't be shellfish...
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