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2016 Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today Nominations Open! Vote Now!

Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today

Nearly 10 years ago, John Farago and Frank Williams stumbled upon a grand idea: to counter all those other websites, media outlets, and blogs competing to see who could fellate automakers the quickest and fastest, TTAC decided instead to put on a pair of dimension 12 steel-toe boots as well as swing its leg where the sun don’t shine. Thus, TTAC birthed the TWAT awards.

Since then, The Best Automobiles Going (TBAG) awards joined it’s elder sibling, and also the two were renamed so as not to offend the actual sensibilities of some.?This year, Ten Greatest and Ten Most detrimental are back – in a new time slot, but on the same funnel – and it just about all starts with you.

Your objective: Set your?inputting fingers alight with vitriol as well as smash some keys. Nominations are now open.

What’s undeniable: Cars are getting better. We have more horsepower than ever before, and much more hybridized, electric, hydrogen, and other alternatively powered vehicles compared to when these honours were conceived about ten years ago. To top it all off,?most automakers have done a stint or two at the Betty Ford Clinic for Car Badge Engineering. It’utes up to us to choose the best performers.

However, truly bad cars remain, and it’s our duty to highlight the worst offenders. Four-door coupes? Four-door car SUVs? Four-door coupe?crossovers? The automotive industry is high in astronomical MSRPs of niche-fillers. Alphanumeric platform sharing is still rampant, and it will continue for the actual foreseeable future, even as shared parts across model lines continue to drive recall counts skyward.

Justifications must be given for a nomination to become valid. Reaching into the archives, here are some guidelines for justification:

  • Looks Which Stop Traffic: This goes in either case: so beautiful that you can’t take your eye away, or so ghastly that it qualified as a trainwreck as soon as it rolled off the assembly collection.
  • The “WTF” Factor: This also goes either way: a horrible decision generally produces a horrible car – but not usually. Sometimes an car maker will ignore the beancounters and just build something awesome.
  • Misused Technology:?Should a base BMW be sold?without routing? Does a Focus actually need the ability?to park itself?
  • Misery Factor: When given to a person as a rental, would you immediately request an additional car? Is it offered primarily on price and all the external factors instead of on merit? Is it a Mitsubishi Mirage or Dodge Journey?

This isn’t the one-way street where we crowdsource your answers for some simple content.?Those who nominate their own Ten Best as well as Ten Worst via the poll linked beneath will be entered into a draw?for $100 Amazon . com gift card. The contest finishes on Sunday, 04 24 at 11:59 p.m. ET, which is also the same time frame the poll closes. That gives you a weeks time to nominate your listing of truly awful as well as wonderful automobiles.

(Competition Rules can?be viewed here.)

Rules of Engagement

A quantity of changes have been designed to the nomination rules, therefore please read through them thoroughly.

  1. Any car or light truck offered for sale as a brand new vehicle in the Ough.S. for the 2016 model year is eligible for nomination, regardless of country associated with origin, price, marketplace segment, automaker, production/sales figures, or domestic content material.
  2. You must provide a reason behind your nomination. “Because it sucks” and “because it’s awesome” doesn’t cut the mustard, son.?We reserve the right to cull lazy answers and their?associated nominations. We book the right to do everything we want, really.
  3. Badge-engineered siblings can be nominated together in either category when they all suck/win equally.
  4. A vehicle nominated in both the “Best” and “Worst” categories is going to be placed in the category in which it received the most nominations. It will likely be assigned a score that’s?the?internet difference of those nominations. (at the.g. if Abc Car receives Twenty “Best” nominations?and 30 “Worst” nominations, the vehicle will be allotted Ten “Worst” nominations.)
  5. TTAC staff will choose 20 finalists in each category from the nominees, taking into consideration how well the nominations were justified and our personal opinions of the vehicles in question.
  6. Readers will election on those Forty cumulative vehicles to determine the Ten Best and Ten Worst.
  7. Nominations start now?and end Sunday, April 24 at 11:59 g.m. The 40 finalists will be presented for voting on or around April 27. Winners/losers will be announced 06 9.
  8. You cannot nominate the Jeep Compass. (More on this particular?later.)


Submit Your 2016 10 Best/Worst Nominations Now By Clicking Here


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